More Horchow – Chairs, And A Few Are You Kidding’s?

I saw so many lovely, interesting CHAIRS online at Horchow yesterday that I felt it necessary to grab my favorites and share them with you-

Horchow  Turquoise Chair   $2,999

Horchow Turquoise Chair $2,999

Love it!!!!   I’d LOVE to try that on a focal wall, or better – a sleek powder room!  Wouldn’t my giraffe finish look cool on that chair too?


I like the mix –  leather, fur, and antiqued crackle turquoise finish on the beechwood frame  (and nice plaster wall finish)-

Horchow   Wild West Chair $2,300

Horchow Wild West Chair $2,300

I think this chair is so romantic and pretty -

Horchow   Dahlia Purple Chair   $1,529

Horchow Dahlia Purple Chair $1,529

Horchow   Dahlia Purple Chair     (back)

Horchow Dahlia Purple Chair (back)

This would be PERFECT for my favorite client’s home!!!  Like the artsy finish on the wall, of course -

Horchow   Cathedral Settee    $2,249

Horchow Cathedral Settee $2,249

These legs don’t do much for me, but I love the color, and am a sucker for crushed velvets and embellishments -

Horchow   Peacock Chair   $1,350

Horchow Peacock Chair $1,350

hmmm, almost looks like same frame,  but I don’t mind it here .  LOVE this eggplant burnout velvet -

Horchow   Purple Medallion Chair  $1,739

Horchow Purple Medallion Chair $1,739e

it reminds me a Modello – a one time use adhesive stencil that allows you to create all kinds of custom designs on surfaces, like this one from Georgia Morrow, SFW Plasters by Georgia, in Laguna Beach -


A MacKenzie Child piece, with its distinctive mix and match pattern (and steep price) -

Horchow   Pink Diva Chair     $4,350

Horchow Pink Diva Chair $4,350

Horchow   Julie Chair & Cushion   $1,100

Horchow Julie Chair & Cushion $1,100

I think the colors lure me in on this one … and the daintiness of it – a chair I ‘d want sitting in that oddish area that needs a ‘just right’ something (if only I was rich) -

-Julie- Chair & Cushion -  Horchow_125077f0208534

Fun piece –  I wonder if I would tire of her, after awhile?

Horchow   Paige Ottoman  $1,499

Horchow Paige Ottoman $1,499

Interesting size, I would say quite functional.    I like the mix –  tapestry with faux animal skin -

Horchow  Peacock Settee  $3,699

Horchow Peacock Settee $3,699

oooh, now I LIKE this!

Horchow   Velvet Tub Chair & Ottoman   $2,588

Horchow Velvet Tub Chair & Ottoman $2,588

and these -

Horchow    Patchwork Ottoman   $99 each

Horchow Patchwork Ottoman $99 each

but don’t like this -

Horchow  La Silla Chair   $1,819

Horchow La Silla Chair $1,819

and not sure about this one…. I like the color and fabric,  but not keen on the shape -

Horchow  Melange Chair   $1,599

Horchow Melange Chair $1,599

So… thats it for the chairs,  but I couldn’t end this post without commenting on these -

Horchow   Cast Brass Frog Tissue Holder   $1,125

Horchow Cast Brass Frog Tissue Holder $1,125

Seriously?  For $1,125, it better hold more than tissue!

And this?  I LOVE this bedding ensemble,  fun,whimsical, girlyish,  and, pricy.  $1025 for the full coverlet and dust skirt , and can I add that it is on ‘backorder’ ?   Wow.   $140 for an initial pillow.  If I hit the lottery?  It would be fun to dress each bedroom in the house up with Horchow bed linens – it would just be difficult to narrow down my favorites -

Horchow   Cherryfields  Bed Linens     Full Coverlet $775

Horchow Dransfield & Ross Bed Linens Full Coverlet $775

This was a blast from the past – reminds me of the Brady Bunch -

Horchow  Delarge  Dining Furniture  $3,200

Horchow Delarge Dining Furniture $3,200

This was the priciest bed linen I saw – 3K for a queen duvet cover, and once again, it is ‘backordered’…..   (it’s not even one of my fav’s) -

Horchow   Past Times Bed Linen   Queen Duvet Cover $3,000

Horchow Past Times Bed Linen Queen Duvet Cover $3,000

I leave you the best for last …. (don’t forget to check out that price tag….) -

-Ethan Forest- Table -  Horchow_1244657691306

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3 responses to “More Horchow – Chairs, And A Few Are You Kidding’s?

  1. Great post, Patty. LLlllooooovve that first chair, the color, the texture, ohh lala! I too love anything in burnout velvet.

    Thanks for posting Georgia’s website…quite spectacular. I’ll take TWO of those Ocean Retreats!

  2. These things are just are just gorgeous. I wish I could sew so that I could copy cat those adorable cherryfield bed linens for my daughter!

    • Deidra, I’m with you, I wish I knew how to sew… my sister has been living/working in Shanghai the last 5 years – she takes photos of things she sees that she likes – bedding, drapes, dresses etc and has the trades there make a duplicate for pennies… its crazy. truly a whole different world.

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