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Updated An Old Armoire Today

Well, actually started it yesterday.   IT  is an old cheap, pine armoire that I got – I think from Sams Club – back when I was pregnant with my first child.  Plan was to paint it white and use it for the baby’s room.  I wasn’t a professional finisher then, I was just crafty.  I brought it home and painted it white.  I didn’t know to prime it first, thus the nice pine knot holes that you see in the photo that slowly appeared….


So –  for this project,   no sanding,  no prepwork… just made sure it was clean.  And dry.

Smooshed on a layer of Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Colonial Blue.  When that dried, I used some  CC Smooth Plaster and a stencil and applied a pattern to the 2 front cabinet doors.  Last night, before I went to bed, I smooshed on a layer of the CC Chipping Paste.   This morning I topped it off with a layer of  CC Textured Basecoat Parchment.   This afternoon I took out my handy dandy palm sander and hummed away.  When I distressed it back to where I wanted it,   I applied the Toner and Voila –  a New Armoire.   (still needs knobs)




Total time, if I added up all the steps –  a little over 2 hours.  (I did NOT finish the top or sides…yet)

Workshops are forming now for the products used here.  For more information please check it out HERE.


One Sweet Pantry…

My pantry is a walk in, but you literally walk in and smack into the shelves. THIS is a walk in, when you get to the end you turn left and can keep going!


Sweet tin ceiling and IKEA lighting, not what you’d expect in a pantry-


Nice lit greaseboard area for quick notes/reminders-


Yes, those are metal tabs, holding labels identifying what is where….


Same Tile Different Backdrop






STUPID Stuff Kids Do…

The other day I was cleaning the house – it had gotten away from me.  I was wiping down the fronts of the kitchen cabinets, something I try to do every couple of weeks, and was STUPIFIED by what my rag came upon – a wad of gum stuck underneath the edge of the granite. Like right where the granite hits the top of the cabinet. ???!!! Okay, benefit of the doubt, it may have been from one of my kids friends?  Don’t think so…  Unbelievably lazy, or was it that they were quick saving it, and had intentions of popping that wad back in their mouth after they ate a snack?

Just now I grabbed an apple – wanted to cut it up and dip it in peanut butter (one of my favorite breakfast snacks).  We have a large fruit bowl on the table.  I grabbed the top apple,  and on the way to the sink to wash it I roll it over and realize someone poked a nice hole in it.  Most certainly from a pencil.  ???!!


Its funny how my mind instantly convicts someone – do all moms do this?  I am pretty certain the gum was a Julia move.   Her initial thought would have been to just let it lie on the counter, but shes smart enough to know she’d get yelled at for that.  She’d be the one most inclined to dispose of it with the least amount of effort.  And I could see her saving it for later.

I would bet Nick poked the apple.  He sits at the kitchen table alot now,  doing algebra homework.  He is always looking for distractions. He is the young child that poked about 100 pencil pokes into the fabric seat cushion of his bedroom desk chair.  Add a few more pencil pokes on his bedroom walls.

(Wouldn’t that be funny if they made little identity DNA kits for moms?  We could wip out our kit, test the gum wad, and within minutes know who’s mouth it came out of.)   Some day kids, you are going to realize I not only saw, but took photos and posted!