Metro Detroit Interior Design- Spotlight on Ann-Marie Anton, Grosse Pointe

Ann-Marie Anton is an interior designer from Grosse Pointe and the proprietor of It’s Personal Design. Ann-Marie takes a lot of pride in her work and makes it her goal to first understand her client’s wants and needs and then create an environment that is harmonious with that desire.

It’s Personal was born from my belief that we all should be surrounded by beauty and beauty is interpreted and appreciated differently by each of us. It is my goal to create beautiful environments for all my client’s based on their perception of beauty!



Ann-Marie Anton, It's Personal Design, LLC

Ann-Marie Anton, It's Personal Design, LLC

Ann-Marie, what is the biggest mistake people make when decorating? I think people try to match everything too much, the room becomes uninteresting that way.  Mix up materials, finishes, and pieces of furniture… it is far more captivating when you use different but harmonious pieces.

Can you tell us about a recent or favorite project and why you loved it: I completed an entire house remodel with a couple in Washington Township.  I had so much fun with this project because not only was my client a blast to work with, she was fearless and totally trusting of me so we were able to produce an end result that was fabulous.  Often times people are afraid to be daring and when that is the case you will end up with rooms that are very generic.  I tend to word toward creating space that is very warm and inviting but very unique.

Can you give us any advice about how small adjustments to a room have a great impact: I think sometimes people are challenged with arranging furniture and accessories. I recently worked on a home in Northville and the client had a very large great room with two separate sitting areas that she had arranged on opposite sides of the room.  Because they were so far apart from each other the room felt very cold and uninviting.  By just moving the seating areas closer together it was amazing how it transformed the feel of the room.  Consider moving existing furniture and accessories around in your room, or maybe even into a different room of your home… with absolutely no cost to you, you may be amazed at what a difference it can make!


Ann-Marie Anton   It's Personal Design, LLC

Ann-Marie Anton It's Personal Design, LLC

Any suggestions for improving the look of a study? The first thing I would do if you have a study with book shelves is evaluate the ‘Clutter Factor’.  If you have tons of books (that you are actually attached to) arrange them in an interesting way, lay some flat and stacked, others standing. If you’re not attached to the books consider donating them.  Add some decorative items other than books in the shelves  ie) frames, greenery, candles, etc.  Aside from the clutter factor, consider doing something interesting with the walls… distressed or faux painting… and try a bold patterned carpet on the floor. If you have tall ceilings with windows, play them up with dramatic fabric.  Although studies may be a place you work they can be warm and wonderful spaces.

Lastly, do you have one best piece of decorating advice for us? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Be creative with paint, you get your most ‘bang for your buck’ by changing the paint.

Ann-Marie Anton   It's Personal Design, LLC

Ann-Marie Anton It's Personal Design, LLC

Thank you Ann-Marie for sharing your design advice with all of us!   If  you are searching for a professional to help you with your design project,  check out Ann-Marie’s website,  It’s Personal, for more information.


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