Rococo In The Kitchen

Just the other day I posted about stairways –  my favorite photo displayed 18th Century Plasterwork, Rococo, running up a stairway wall,  in a Bristol Royal House.

This kitchen,  by Neff Kitchens,  offers a Rococo style embossed design on the cabinets –

dancingmaidens-rococo-style-embossed-design-on-cabs-neffkitchens-dot-comIf you really study this photo you realize that it is one large space!  The Sub-Zero on the right?  The photo cuts off almost 1/2 of it. That is one BIG icebox.  Way  down, look!  Another one!   I’d give anything for one big huge fridge, let alone two.  Two islands, one with stools so you KNOW there has to be open space between those two islands.  Two big chandeliers  inside the kitchen area.

I LOVE the chandeliers.  I think that is my favorite part.   I like the double islands too.  I’d stick one kid at one, and the other at the other – then maybe the petty fights would stop.   If someone gave me this kitchen I’d want to swap the floor out for a nice warm wood.   I prefer tile on the kitchen floor,  but that could be because I favor cabinets with  richer wood tones…

Do you wish you could turn your exisitng cabs into  lovely cream glazed cabinets?  Check this out –


2 responses to “Rococo In The Kitchen

  1. What Camoral Colours (color choices) could I use to achieve the above look. I am very interested in the whitish base color and some antiquing in a gun metal color. Please advise on what you would do with my color choices! Thanks a million. Just LOVING your site.

  2. Thanks Cath… as far as achieving the look in the kitchen above, you could use the Textured Basecoat Parchment (offwhite) to lay the base (brush on 2 layers then lightly sand) but you wouldnt be able to acquire a glaze in an gunmetal color- at least not with over the counter products.

    Where are you located? Do you have prior knowledge in a any product tinting? You could take Caromal Colours Creme Glaze and tint it with some black – it would give you a greyish cast – which you then could use to glaze your cabinets with….. but you’d want to know a little about what you were doing……

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