Jack and Jill Bath’s Oak Cabinet Update

This one was fun… I  FINALLY  made the time to do something in my own house!  My daughter has been nagging me to update their bathroom.  This BATHROOM  consists of builder flat paint that I, nine years ago, sponge painted in  a metallic glaze to help hide the toddler prints.  (aackk)  The cabinets were oak that were originally painted a cream color.

So , given my recent love affair with Caromal Colours Artisian Collection by Country Living , I HAD to put it to work!

This is the before bath-


Basepainted the walls in a custom color of teal, and applied a glazed strie finish. Distressed the oak cabinets using Caromal Colours Texured Basecoat Mustard…


Back up – The kids job was to Simply Green the cabinets and dry them.    I had a helper -my daughter Julia –  here she is applying layer one of two of the texture paint-


Finished  cabinets; Stried walls-


Close Up-

New life for old brass fixtures. You’d have to look back to the before photo but I swear updating those old brass fixtures was huge!




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