Late Night Thoughts and A Soccer Victory…

When you blog, do you get bugged when you miss a day?   Its almost a compulsive thing now – give up sleep and get a blog entry in.  Unfortunately, by time I got home and got around to this, the clock had rolled over. ..

Tonight my  OVER 30 soccer team had game 2 of the second session.  Yes,  second session – we signed up for more… actually the pain has subsided and in its place is a weekly event that offers fun and friendship.  So far?   We are 2-0!  I usually play goalie the 2nd half of the game,  but tonight our starting goalie was sizzling hot so I didn’t want to mess up a good thing.

Tonight I saw a gal on the other team catch the ball between her knees  – it was a pretty cool move.     Its fun watching the moms on my team – cheering on great intentional, and unintentional moves,  as well as getting a chuckle out of the OMG moments…  We had a great ending to the night at the local pub, celebrating several team March birthdays (of which one is mine – whoo hoo).  My fellow goalie partner/mom/friend is an EXCELLENT cake decorator and made the three of us the coolest flip flop birthday cake!   Thanks Bernadette!

The month seems to be getting chaotic.  Clients are in a rush for things to wrap up, while others are planning trips out of town for early spring break , so some things get rushed,  some will be slightly delayed.     At the same time, my mind is reeling trying to ready myself for several upcoming projects – I will be hosting my first two workshops, focusing on Caromal Colours products, the last two weeks of  March.  I am really excited to get this rolling and have had great response so far –  the distressing class  has 3 openings  (max 10) ,  the gilding eggs has 6  (max 10).   In April there will be two more offered – plastering and glazing.      Additionally, the last week of April I will be partaking in the International Women’s Show April 30-May 3rd.  I will be demo’ing the Caromal Colour line as well as showcasing my custom finishes.  If you are in the Novi, Michigan area come check me out.


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