More Killer Distressed Finish Color Combinations….

I posted a previous entry on my first round of distressed finishes.  These are all barnworn distressed finishes created using Caromal Colours distressing products.  I thought I’d had it covered with round one,  but then I hosted my first Distressing Workshop earlier this week and realized there were way more combination’s to create.

Because black is so popular, I created quite a few with Peppercorn (black)  as the top coat.  I also found that using Wisteria (white) as the topcoat, and not using the toner,  it created a more contemporary color combo.  And,  I am really liking the Paprika (red) so I played more with that.

Can someone tell me exactly HOW many combo’s I could create?  There are 10 textured basecoat colors – Peppercorn (black), Chocolate (brown), Mustard (yellow), Paprika (red), Colonial Blue (blue), Cobblestone (sage), Bayberry (green), Putty (beige), Parchment (cream), Wisteria (white).  The barnworn finishes combine two colors. I have a feeling the answer could be in the hundreds?











9 responses to “More Killer Distressed Finish Color Combinations….

  1. Man those are so pretty. Again… I am drooling…

  2. If only there were a few extra hours in a day. I would love to learn how to do this. Sigh.

  3. Patty,
    You have done some beautiful work here – very helpful to my situation. I am preparing to move across country from a 3bdrm house into an intercity loft. All of my present furniture either physically will not fit or the decor is all wrong. I had a crazy thought last night that with a face lift I may be able to make my 1960’s pecan finished dining room set work in that space.
    It is a very traditional solid wood set with raised panel doors on the lower buffet & glass doors on the upper, high back chairs with spindles, round table with a single large spindle base – typical dining set from the 60’s. Can you offer any suggestions as to how I might paint it to give it an urban chic look? Or am I wasting my time, irrespective of the finish it will always look traditional?
    My problem is that my tastes don’t tend to be urban chic. Nothing in my present house has clean, straight lines except maybe on the blueprints which are 100 years old. So I like the idea of being able to take my dining suit with me, if I can make it work in the space?
    I thought I would update the hardware & re-upholster the seats – but selecting the finish has me stumped. Can you offer suggestions?
    Kind Regards, Toni

  4. This is the finish I want: Barnworn Finish- Mustard Textured basecoat over Paprika textured basecoat (chipping creme in between)

    My cabinets were covered with vaneer. I stripped the vaneer off and now they are just the bare wood. What sizes are available in the above products? What are the prices? Does an instruction guide for application come with the products?
    Charles Bellina

    • Hi Charles – thats a nice barnworn combo – here it is on a door –
      mustard over paprika

      gets alot of lookie loos in person 🙂

      I’ve seen the stripped veneer before – did yours come off easy? i’m amazed at how easy that coating peels right off …. the bare wood underneath is perfect for the Caromal paints- it covers really well – and quick.

      the textured basecoats come in quarts and gallons – the quarts are 32.50 each and the gallons are 109.00 – how many cabinets are you doing? the chipping creme comes in 16 oz for 18.50 or quart size (not sure price, maybe 32?) toner 16 ounce is 18.50 – its what gets brushed on after you sand to distress – to antique the finish. yes, an instruction sheet comes with the paints – for extra tips and confidence, peruse through this group of posts – – there is loads of information on how-to’s , what if’s, make overs etc…. this is a good one to read too

      hope this helps – use PattyH5 if you order online for $5 off shipping on orders over $75 – Patty

  5. Christopher Washington

    If there are 10 colors and you are combining 2 of them at a time. You have 10 colors for the first choice, and then 9 colors for the second choice. So 10 x 9 = 90 different combinations that could be made. I teach math, and have started doing some woodworking, making things, fixing up old furniture, etc. Thanks for the page and the different colors. I can know decide what color i would like my chest/coffee table i just picked up at the Salvation Army to be. Needless to say, i got a deal.

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