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I Did A Number On My $4 Carpet Today!

I am soooooo glad I didn’t waste the money and purchase a carpet remnant for this Women’s show booth.  It would have been for waste.  I would have trashed it.   How dumb that would have been.

Instead,  I had my handy dandy stenciled brown craft paper floor covering aka carpet.   It was easy – hit your local dollar store up for rolls of craft paper.  Secure it to floor with clear tape.  Then take a stencil of your choice (I used an allover grid stencil from Andreae Designs) lay it in place, and stencil brush your color on – I used simple tints with water added.     Voila!


In my finishing business I always have buckets of water near by.  Used brushes and rags get tossed into it, until I can clean up.  Today, demo’ing all day at the Women’s show,  I didn’t realize how limiting it would be working away from a ‘home’ or ‘studio’.  There was no close by laundry tub.   Brushes got dirty fast,  went into a bucket,  but then the bucket got yukky fast.   And the bucket was a smaller bucket…. so alot of drippies in and out…. my poor paper bag floor   aaaahem,  carpet.   Now what?

Tomorrow, day 2, will just start with a little messier, broken in , carpet.    Its like an artist with trashed hands – I guess thats a good thing, right?    Better trashed and messy, than virgin new, because that would mean no action.

My regrets today?  I wasn’t able to get around to enjoy all the action.  My mom was there by 830am (she called me from parking lot and  I was still a good 45 minutes away)   She had an awesome parking spot, right next to the entrance –  she parked and hogged 2 spots so that I’d have one when I got there!  (I was arriving with a heavy box of product that needed to be lugged in).   You gotta love moms.

10:00AM the show opens – we are both sitting there, booth is all set and ready… and at 10:01  mom starts wondering where all the people are, and why they haven’t stopped for more info.    You had to be there but it was cute!  Once we got situated,  I told her to pull out her kitchen stool – she has 4 that she needs done – she had painted them and stained them but it is not holding up – parts of them look awful so she wanted to redo them using materials that will bond well and stay in place.     Once we started demo’ing we didn’t stop…   and folks started to stop to take note.  And that began what was a looooooong,  whirlwind of a day.



Mom demo'ing (intensely) her stools

Mom demo'ing (intensely) her stools

I wrote on the carpet, "Come In And Touch!"

I wrote on the carpet, "Come In And Touch!"

Mom working so I can explain to interested attendees...

Mom working so I can explain to interested attendees...

Loved these two women - one on left is an Interior Designer..

Loved these two women - one on left is an Interior Designer..

It was a good feeling, talking and explaining the products to interested passerbys – empowering them…  so much of the same story –  no one wants to dump the big spending into changing out cabinets, or even the expense of refacing them.   The ability to see the finished product, touch it,  see it in action – was enough to get them excited to venture out and try it themselves.  Doing it yourself saves yourself alot of money….

Copper leafing a picture frame...

Copper leafing a picture frame...


There were at least four people that told me about their DIY finishing experiences using Lowes/Home Depot type products….and how difficult it was…and that I was making it look easy.   It just IS easy, I explained.  Working with basic, over the counter finishing products makes it NOT easy.  Even I, as a professional finisher, would not use just any old product.   You need good quality products.  Durable.  Ease of use.  User friendly.  Caromal Colours is all of that , and more.

I vow tomorrow I am walking around with my camera to check out other cool vendors so I can tell you about them.  I met the hippest lady from Dayton (she is ordering CC when she gets home) ,  and a representative for the pink tools and very cool waist tool belt (pink suede).   If I deliver, you’ll see photos here tomorrow!


Personalizing Framed Artwork For Your Home

I am a fan of  fellow Decorative Artist Jennifer Allwood’s blog The Magic Brush.    Jen lives in Kansas City and is an amazing artist.   I really enjoyed one post where she created framed artwork for the home.  I saved it on my laptop, and now want to share it with you.


Jennifer details the project here.   I think this would make a wonderful homewarming gift.

Setting Up My Fabulous Finishes Caromal Colours Booth-

Today I was at the Rock Financial showplace unloading my GMC Acadia, loaded with my display –


My mom met me and helped unload and setup.  She is like the energizer bunny – for those of you that know me personally,  SHE is where I got all my energy from!


We arrived just before noon, and were done by 4:30PM.dsc_5536-desktop-resolutionThe corner shelf unit will display a variety of Caromal Colour products (will bring those along Thursday) –


This is the finished booth.  Almost.   I still need to bring an accent table , it will sit off on the right side.    There will be sign up sheets –  for available workshops, for future mailings, for Independent Rep information-


These cards can be found on the displayed art.  They tell what products and technique were used-


I am attaching the description cards to the hanging samples.  There will be room to walk into the booth and see and touch the finishes close up –


My new sign from  I was pleasantly suprised – I expected it to be plastic, but its a nice thick vinyl sign.  UPS delivered it last night –  we had already taken down the ‘test’ booth so I never got a chance to ‘test’ hang it.   Today it threw us a major loop – it would not fit where I had expected it would.

I will only say it was NOT fun hanging this sign today….


Great floor covering option – instead of paying good money to purchase a 10×10 ft carpet,  I got 4 rolls of $1 brown craft paper, taped it down, and then rolled a glaze through an allover Palazzi Grid stencil dsc_5547-desktop-resolution

Hello, my name is Patty and I am tired….


Finished cabinet door samples hang to the left of me.  I have them mounted on hooks so that I can easily remove a door if someone wants a closer look –



This bookcase will be refinished at one of the demo’s this week.  Also all the chairs that are in the booth are there for a facelift –


Last year I did a 2 1/2 day Home Show at the Palace in Auburn Hills.    It was my first.   It featured all of my professional finishes and services from my company Fabulous Finishes.    The International Women’s Show later this week at at the Rock Center in Novi is my second show.  Running 4 full days (Th-Sun) this booth will feature the Caromal Colours DIY Decorative Finishing products that I am representing.

Come visit my booth and see some action – I will be demonstrating cabinet doors, furniture,  sample finishes for walls, gold leafing accessories,   and silver leafing brass bathroom fixtures to name a few.      I am offering an online coupon code that can be used for $10 off any workshop scheduled before the end of show.   If you plan on attending don’t forget to print that coupon and bring it along!

Does The Topsy Turvy Work?

Okey, this is one TV commercial that makes me want to pick up the phone and order when I see it.   And now,  ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free Plus Get Two More Free Bonuses’ .

I love vegetables.  Love homegrown ones even more.  Peppers are tender, not thick skinned like the ones at the grocery store.  Tomatoes?  So good you want to eat them off the vine.

We don’t have room for a garden, though.  I could garden in patio pots, I guess  … I’ve thought about it.   But this Topsy Turvy looks perfect!  Topsy Turvy® tomato planter

Anyone try it?   Who’s got one?   Does it work?   Or is it one more think we get hooked into buying, and then it gets discarded to a shelf?