A Texas DIY Homeowner Caromal Colour’s Her Island…

And boy is she good at doing things herself, she even mitered and added decorative trim to the island before refinishing!

I found out about Shelli over at Girly Stuff (Dallas) from Jennifer at The Magic Brush (Kansas City).    Jennifer emailed Shelli a link to my Caromal Colours page, suggesting that  the Textured Basecoat products might just be the answer for updating her kitchen island.

I think it was the PERFECT product for the job, check it out-

Island before

Island before

Island after applying Caromal Colours Toned Parchment Textured Basecoat

Island after applying Caromal Colours Toned Parchment Textured Basecoat

You can read the details of her project over at GirlyStuff.


8 responses to “A Texas DIY Homeowner Caromal Colour’s Her Island…

  1. Didn’t she do great?????? She’s a good girl. And talented to boot! She may run us out of business! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Thanks for the props!! I will never be able to compete with you guys because I don’t have the patience, imagination, or muscles to do it!

    And the video you have posted helped me the most. The one on the morning show.

    Thanks again!

  3. I’m getting ready to post more photos of another before-after (need to go photo it first) and she sent me an email, after she was done, that was pretty funny – regarding ‘a good workout’. Like Jennifer has said before, one thing you’ll find on decorative finishers are some pretty toned arms!

  4. Hello,

    I like surfing your webpage and I’m tempted to finish painting my half painted cabinets that I started over a year ago. I started with behr paint and didn’t like working with it. I seem to like bmoore or other non thick paint.

    I have lots of trouble with a project that has stood open for months now. I hope you can help me because so many people told me that it can’t be done.
    I took my staircase apart. Its the typical vaulted foyer bridal staircase in golden oak. We installed a very dark prefinished flooring upstairs and the golden oak doesn’t work. I bought platinum series furniture and cabinetry glazing cream and two matching colors. The problem is I don’t know if I like the streaking of the brush on the cabinet samples instead of a stained look. Could setcoat help instead? I’ve been toying of stripping the varnish but that woudl be a huge job.

    Do you have any ideas so I can get on with making my kitchen look great. I think you ought to make a real good video on youtube of painting with the barnwood in a colors that would show up well on video. =)

    or use setcoat and a color over it….that would be interesting to see.

    Please tell me what setcoat in dk brown is like…a stain? is it sheer? can I thin it, and how?

    Lis Illinois

    • Hi Lis,

      I am a little confused – at first you are talking about your stairway but then you switch to cabinets and kitchen ? What are you asking about for the setcoat, the stairway railing or the cabinets?

      If your kitchen cabs are golden oak, and you want to change them without stripping the varnish, you can paint them. Painting oak grain, however, doesn’t hide the oak grain. This often bugs owners because they want the painted (and then often glazed) cabinet to be clean and smooth. However, if you use the Caromal Textured Basecoats, which are thicker, they will go over your existing varnish AND do a much better job of hiding the existing grain.

      As far as what yould make your kitchen look great, thats pretty difficult not knowing whats going on – and, so much of it is personal choice. What do YOU want to see in your kitchen? Fresh, updated cabinets? Whats your budget? Want to save money and do it yourself? Consider the Caromal products – Brighter color? Parchment …. Some punch of color? Change the island to a color. Darker/Bold? Go Peppercorn.

      Doing a video with the barnworn finishes – good idea for down the road – layering 2 colors with chipping creme in the middle. As far as using setcoat then color over it, I’d not recommend that on grainy cabinets – the setcoat is just like a paint, the only difference is that is acts as a primer as well. It will not ‘fill’ the grain as nicely as the CC basecoats do, thus if I am going to do a barnworn finish I would start with a CC basecoat, apply the chipping, then apply my second color of basecoat. The pumpkin furniture piece that started with setcoat was not a grainy piece of wood. The owner (a finisher) had setcoat onhand and chose to use this as the basecoat (saved her some money). There was another owner (I have a photo of her bookcase unit on my blog) that went over her existing white semigloss painted bookcase unit with chipping creme, then Caromal Colours textured basecoat color Peppercorn. When she sanded it sanded back to the white.

      Setcoat is NOT a Caromal Colour’s product. Setcoat is a proprietary product made my Faux Effects – it is a paint that also can be used as a primer. We finishers often use it to basecoat walls before our finishes are applied as it seals the surface well. You can not buy setcoat unless you have trained with FE products. However, there is a ‘like’ product called Aquabond that can be purchased w/out training. You’d have to go online to order it. If I was only going to ‘paint’ a piece of furniture or cabinet, I would not choose setcoat. It is not a paint that glides on well. It will show brush marks. You are better off using an oilbased paint – they level out nicer and that really helps hide your brush/application marks.

      Hope this helps –

  5. I’d tried reading “Girly Stuffs blog but it said “you must be invited to read it” I’d love to see her post about the parchment cabinet makeover. Patty, I also sent you an email about my interest in becoming a representative of CC. I need online training. Please advise.

  6. By the way, I tried to head over to Girly Stuffs blog and it did the same to me – i wonder why she is set up like that now?

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