A Teacher Transforms Her Library Using Caromal Colours

I can see half the fun of teaching homeowners about Caromal Colours will be in seeing just WHAT they do with it!

My friend Mary is a third grade teacher.  Mary attended both my Distress for Success and All That Glitters Workshops.  She decided to put the products to use to refinish their library built in bookcase, the window cornice, and the walls.   I gave her a mini how-to for the textured plaster – she liked the idea of finishing the walls with it, but the Plaster Workshop hadn’t been held yet.

When the products arrived I got an email which read,   “ It’s official, let the party begin!!  Joe’s a little worried...”   (Joe is her husband )

She worked on the room this past week.   This is the before (I forgot to remind her to get good before shots) –


(the walls are dark plum but look black in this photo)-


She emailed me Monday evening. She had the lower cabinets covered.  She used chipping creme  over the existing cabinets, then 2 layers of the Peppercorn textured basecoat.  She was worried she was doing it wrong – I think because mid-stage its pretty ugly.  So I told her I’d swing by Tuesday for a quick look-see before she started to sand.   (I also made sure to pack my mouse sander in case she’d want to borrow).    She had nothing to worry about.  Everything was dry and ready for a light sand.  I left her my mouse sander.

Tuesday night she emailed me again –    ” I still have to do shelves, knobs, window box, and walls, but I’m exhausted…

Wednesday I swung by to give her a 1-2 on the textured plaster and took my camera –



Wednesday night I laughed when I got her email –  “ I don’t know how you do this all the time, I have blisters on my hands, my neck is kinked, and i’m sore, like I worked out…BUT HAVEN’T!! Almost done, one more wall left, want to try to get the cornice box down…looks great..Joe loves it..will be ordering more to do island..soon.. I replied back to her ,  “but you DID workout!”.  I reminded her that she tackled one hell of a nice size job in just a couple of days… she rocked the house!

Thursday afternoon she emailed me to say she was done – Joe keeps walking in there saying…wow, i just can’t believe how nice it looks…”    (Mary, I hope you don’t kill me for snagging clips from your emails but it tells the story so perfectly)

So today,  the Saturday that is my own,  I couldn’t wait to swing back by,  camera in tow, to get some after photos-







dsc_5310-desktop-resolution1Mary,  you have earned the right to do the isorock dance!

For those paying attention,  she used  1 16 oz Chipping Creme,  2 2/3 quarts Peppercorn Textured Basecoat, 1 16 oz Toner (still some left),  1/2 gallon Textured Plaster,  3/4 quart Tea Stain Glaze.  And a little bit of the silver gilding kit – she changed her hardware from brass/chrome to silver leaf-




3 responses to “A Teacher Transforms Her Library Using Caromal Colours

  1. SO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love, love, love it!

  2. Patty…tell your student Mary..she deserves an award for a great job. What a wonderful feeling to be able to teach someone who wouldn’t normally have tackled a project like this. You have done a great job with teaching your students and having a great product to work with is awesome. Kuddos to you Mary, your room looks wonderful!!!!!

  3. Very Cool! Kudos to you Mary for a job well done! I love that the teacher got taught to do a wonderful finish! You both Rock!

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