…As The Week Turns…

… it turns back to feeling normal.

The week started out pretty crazy but is wrapping up nicely.  Tuesday morning I had to set up for two Caromal Colour Workshops.  Both were on Distressing/Refinishing  Cabinets and Furniture, just one started at noon and the other at 7:00pm.   A little after 9am a woman dropped by –  she had called me several times and was interested in updating her kitchen island cabinets.  I showed her the cabinet samples, we discussed how the products worked,  checked out the color choices, then she wrapped it all up by placing her order on my laptop.   I cant wait to see her before/after photos.  ( she had the prettiest wedding ring I’ve ever seen!)

The workshops were invigorating – alot of good questions, and so many excited homeowners!  I played around with this cheap bookcase that I’d started at the show – the first layer was Textured Basecoat Cobblestone, then a stencil was layed using Textured Basecoat Paprika.  Over all of that I applied the Chipping Creme.  I applied Textured Basecoat Chocolate to the top shelf, then when it was dry sanded it with the palm sander, so everyone could see what would happen.


Laminate bookcase, receiving Cobblestone green

I even followed GirlyGirl’s lead and played with the basecoat’s CHALKBOARD ability –  I could NOT find a cool tray to use, had to resort to a plastic plate charger –

DSC_5590 [Desktop Resolution]

Everybody loved the products.   The evening workshop wrapped around 930.  I headed up stairs to say goodnight to my kids.  My daughter reminded me that Wednesday morning, the following day, they were going to a Career Focus field trip,  at  a local restaurant.  They were supposed to dress appropriately.   Unfortunately I was totally unprepared.  Her black slacks looked 5 inches too short.  The dresses she had were out because we had no shoes – only tennis shoes and then run around flip flops.  I had thought about running up to the store , it was 10:00pm, but it was too late to take her with me.    Plus I really didnt want to pay for something that she’d never have a use for again.   So, I let her go Wednesday morning,  wearing a pair of brown slacks and new KEDS tennis shoes that we’d just got her.  At least they were black.  I felt awful, though.  Especially that afternoon when she returned home.  I think she got razzed a little – a few kids asked her if she REMEMBERED what day it was.  Major case of  ‘mom guilt’  … I was so overwhelmed with the business side of things, I’d failed on the home front.

I didn’t run to the store that night for shoes.  But I did have to stay up to create several samples that were due for drop off the next day.  The consult the next day was a success.    That was a major hurdle of relief.  This was  a new client and I didnt want my foggyish brain to be a negative factor.

Yesterday,  I finally dove into emails, phones calls – that whole catchup thing.  I ran to the mall and picked the kids up some longer shorts for school.  I wonder if that was because of my ‘mom guilt’ from earlier on?

And then there was Friday!  It  arrived with sunshine-

I wish I was an Ocicat sometimes!

Sometimes, being an Ocicat is a great thing…

and I knocked out two consults.  One is the ceiling that I’d started to bid a couple months ago – we are close now, all I need is a couple more samples –


This one was yummy but too dark...

This one was yummy but too dark…

The other was for a very good client’s medical office.  They are renovating and have about 25  light oak doors that they want darkened to a red mahogany.  The key to that bid will be getting that color spot on.   To execute, I’d bring in my fellow finishing buddy, Kathy, to help me , especially since this job would require the work to be done on weekends.

And how did my day end?

Can it get any better than this?

Can it get any better than this?


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