Can You Change A Room For A Hundred Bucks?

I just read an article in the Chicago Sun Times asking this question – talking about changing a room’s look and not breaking the bank.   How we are spending more time at home to save money, so you might as well enjoy your surroundings the best you can.

They suggest changing ONE dull wall,

3402344521_0e2b4ea276 javabali dot info sl category sl accesories

ONE piece of art,

Natural Wallcoverings - Phillip Jeffries Ltd. • Wallcoverings • Installation Gallery_1231953477085
ONE paint color….

Burnham Design - Portfolio_1232457043570

…all will help create a focal point in a room without spending a lot of money.   Great advice.  You can get more ideas in a post of mine titled – Sometimes All You Need Is One Wall.

Can you change a room for a hundred bucks?   Sure, if you do it yourself.    When I finished the article, I immediately thought about the Caromal Colours products.  If the author had known about this DIY line of products for he could have mentioned it  this way:

Change a WHOLE ROOM for under $100!


Caromal Colours GLAZY

Caromal Colours_1242709773564

Update or add a piece of furniture for under $100. Take an old piece and Gold Leaf or Silver Leaf it-

silver-leaf-close-plain-up sweetpeaandwillow dot com


Caromal Colours_1242709734288

Create a piece of art for under $100.  For example, take one of these barnworn distressed samples, and create it large scale  by using an old piece of wood, or even an old hanging art piece as your base-


Caromal Colours_1242709688898

Take an old mirror, leaf the frame, and then use one of the textured basecoat colors and PAINT the mirror to turn it into a real life chalk board (as decribed here by GirlyStuff).  Or chalkboard a wall, or a door –

countryliving dot com sl homes sl house hy tours sl house hy of hy the hy year

2844582704_8b3376a571_o poppytalk dot blogspot dot com

Or better yet,  take that one quart of textured basecoat and update a bathroom vanity!

DSC_4619 [Desktop Resolution]

Caromal Colours_1242709056811

The possibilities are limitless.   Are you anxious to get started?  To place an order, click on the store link below.   


Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.




2 responses to “Can You Change A Room For A Hundred Bucks?

  1. Patti, love this post. We all need a little uplifting for a little money these days! Great ideas to inspire. 🙂

  2. Thanks Carol. I just read, again, this past weekend, an article about quick worthwhile updates -In the kitchen it was to paint the cabinets, install new hardware, and install under cabinet lighting.

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