Tweeking Samples, New Workshops and More…

This time of year gets pretty hectic – the kids school year is coming to an end,  travel soccer is in full gear, and tryouts just around the corner.  Combo that with Spring showers and the need for flowers, weed pulling,  outdoor cleanup… gads, I can’t keep up with the inside!

But regardless of what is happening behind the scenes, my work requirements still must go on.   Heres a look-see into my present world of painting, and what I need to finish by Monday-

This is the finish sample my client chose for her master bathroom.  It will look great with their new tile, except I need to tweek the color.  The background layer of this sample is a mix of Portofino Chinchilla (like a rustic orange) and a white Shimmered Suede mixed with a Blue Pearl Metallic blue paint.  I need to swap out the Chinchilla for, say, a Lusterstone Antique Parchment-

DSC_5975 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_5980 [Desktop Resolution]

This is a sample I created for another client’s Dining Room ceiling that I posted about here. She liked a sample that was a mix of Lusterstone Sage Green and Silver Taupe, but it needed a little more something, and a little less green.  This is one version, I have another in process that will have  a little dark brown glaze over top –

DSC_5990 [Desktop Resolution]

This is a larger sample of the finish going in the two niches.  I love this finish so much I have started up another color version sample of it.  This is  a dark basecoat, then an allover damask stencil using Portofino Jasmine Metallic Plaster, then over top I troweled activated RS bronze glaze –

DSC_5982 [Desktop Resolution]

This glass beads sample,  thanks to Kathy Carroll of The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes,  was a big hit with one of my ID’s, but she’d like either a blue or silver version for her client.  I have two boards started, one a metallic silver, the other a metallic aqua/turquoise color –

DSC_5970 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_5969 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_5972 [Desktop Resolution]

And last but not least, I was getting tired of the kid’s bathroom art sitting on my work cart … remember this post on the Acid Trip?   Well, I started the two side canvases that will accompany the Acid Trip.  I know, I know!  They are butt ugly right now…. but just wait,  I won’t fail you.   Not sure exactly what I’m going to do, but it WILL turn out cool!

DSC_5973 [Desktop Resolution]

The other obligation I have to complete is posting my updated Caromal Colours Workshop dates, and emailing it out to my mailing list.    I am introducing a new ‘ Comprehensive Workshop’  which will cover all four product lines.  I will also be discussing the  “Craft Your Own Class” Workshop –  if you can round up 6 or more friends/family/workmates/neighbors to join you for a workshop (max class size 8),  then I will work with you on creating a date/time that works for your group,  or I can even bring it to you!   If you’d like to be on my mailing list,  please  email me the email address you’d like to use to

7 responses to “Tweeking Samples, New Workshops and More…

  1. Samples… I HATE doing them. Yours look beautiful!!!!!!!!

    I have not used Portifino… do I need to try it?????

  2. P.S. the acid canvas things are gonna be way cool…. I already love them.

  3. Patty,
    interesting to see the beads. I have done a few samplew with them and they just don’t strike me. This past weekend our no name group did the corduroy tool and also some stencils with them. Tell me what your ID and you find that pique your interest in the beads. Maybe I am looking for the wrong thing.
    Your samples are beautiful. I enjoy your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Portofino is much like lusterstone but has its own feel. it bites real nice, and i think offers way more metallic than LS… what i like the most is it offers some BRILLIANT colors Jen – you’d go gaga over the Jasmine (limey green).. and a lovely wine color….

    Chris, I hear you on the beads. I wasn’t falling all over them at first – but when I went to Chicago for Kathy’s open house and saw her focal wall done in that bronze color,it was striking. You can’t get the full feel for those glass sparklies on the smaller boards – so when the sample boards DO catch my eye with glimmering glass from the side? THEN I see that ‘oooooooh’ ness factor. The 2 new ones I worked up show the sparkle really well – I think, for me , the appeal to this finish is its uniqueness. And, given the right color combo, it can offer a very contemporary looking backdrop. The designer pointed out how the glazed silver one could be very masculine – she LOVED it, she loved them all, especially the turquoise one. It isnt a finish that screams at you – from the front, from afar, you wont see busyness , but get up on that wall and oooooh my…. I think therein lies the interest.

  5. Hi Patty, where did you get the damask stencil? I love it and would like to use it for my nursery. Thanks in advance, Kim 🙂

  6. Thanks Patty 🙂

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