A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Under $100

Just in – a kitchen cabinet update from Carol and her  assistant’s over at Caromal Colours.  Pretty sweet for under $100 don’t you think?

Caromal Colours_1244394977221 cropped

What are you waiting for?  Find out how to do this yourself by checking out my Caromal Colours page

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10 responses to “A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Under $100

  1. I can’t get my hair done for under $100…. what a deal!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer Patrick

    ohhh! answer to my complaining! I feel a honey do list coming on! How do I enter the contest? or order? My kitchen cabinets are pickled oak (or yuck in other words). My counter tops are black and grey formica and the applicances are white. I really, REALLY, like the distressed white cabinets!

  3. My kitchen cabinets are the white laminate type. Will your products cover this since its not wood? Thanks,

  4. This gives me hope. What a BIG difference! We are on a tight budget and what better way to make a great change.

  5. Hi,
    Can you please let me know specially what colors are used in this white kitchen transformation? I want to repaint my cabinets white, and want them to look only slightly distressed…I think this kitchen looks pretty similar to what I would love to do….do you have any larger and/or additional pics of this kitchen along with the specific caromal colours I would need to order to achieve this? Thanks so much!!

    Erin :-)

    • Cabinets were honey oak, color used was Wisteria Textured Basecoat – it is white. If I’m not mistaken, they did not even use Toner to glaze over them, they left them crisp white. I don’t have other pictures of this kitchen, unfortunately, but a close up example, that I have to this, which was also done over honey oak, and used the Wisteria, and did not have toning glaze applied was this cabinet door-

      Wisteria textured basecoat untoned

      you can see I slightly sanded the edges to add some distressed effect. Does this help?

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