My Caromal Colours Happenings…

Well, I finally finished our master bath –  I started a post here when it looked like this –

DSC_0547and even more progress here .

I think I’m done. I’m not      q u  i   t    e          sure about the ceiling color I chose.  It is looking awfully green, but I’m going to live with it awhile and see if it grows on me.   I could always throw a light glaze over top to adjust the color, but I’m just not into that either… it’s hard working up the energy to get rooms in your own house done.    And anyhow, if I had that extra time, I’d put it into making the window  and door frames the same color as the cabinets –

DSC_6639 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_6637 [Desktop Resolution]


I found out this week that I have been given the honors of  Regional Director for Caromal Colours.  I was a Certified Independent Representative (CIR) , so what changes?    Well the biggest change would be that I am now considered a training location for anyone in this area of the U.S.  interested in receiving  CIR training.   CIR training allows you to not only buy at wholesale, inform and instruct others, and sign on Independent Reps (IR), but it also allows YOU to teach the Independent Representative (IR)  training class.   IR training allows you to buy wholesale, inform and instruct others, and sign on Independent Reps (IR), but you would have to send that IR to a CIR in the area for the IR training.    Have I lost  you?   Call me if you’d like to understand how it all works.   313-318-6511 is my mobile.


I am pretty excited – I received two emails this week,  both offering teaching opportunities this Fall in the surrounding communities.  One is at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial -a lovely historical building right on Lake St. Clair where the community offers enrichment programs-


I have to put together several class scenarios – we may even be able to video tape them for future programming on the Grosse Pointe local cable channel!  The other is closer to home and is through the school district’s community education program.  I can’t wait to get the ball rolling with both of these opportunities!


A Distress for Success Cabinet/Furniture Workshop is scheduled for July 23rd   630pm-830pm.   This class is 1/2 full at this time –    if you are interested and this date/time works for you, please email me.  Bring a friend and you each will receive $15 off the $65 workshop fee.

You can do ANYTHING  you put your mind to,  you just need to find the time…


10 responses to “My Caromal Colours Happenings…

  1. Oh Patty, I love the new look in the bathroom and congrats to a very deserved position with Caromal Colours.
    You are so right about putting your mind to it, you can do it. Can’t wait to here how it goes with the community colleges.
    Oh yea, I would love to have a stencil like the design in your rug!!!1

  2. Geez WOMAN….do you ever stop?
    I like the darker color on the ceiling. Really gives some weight to the room. The cabs look FABOO!

    Cograts on the CC promotion AND the community ed opportunities. July sure has started off with a bang. You deserve it, all of your hard work is paying off.

  3. Congrats, congrats!!!! Now you definately need to to the Nester thing.

  4. Congrats on the CC promotion!! I soooo know what you mean about digging up extra energy to work on our own homes. The bath looks nice & I’m sure you feel good to have it done.

  5. Congratulations honey…you SO deserve this. Bathroom looks wonderful! Love that wall finish

  6. The bath looks wonderful! I’m totally there with you on the time. I wish I could just hire someone to finish my home…the completion of it would make me so happy. …AND…Congratulations, Patty — you are so deserving!

  7. I love the colors of the cabinets…. are they a carmel color or green? I ordered the mustard color destressed kit by Carmal Colors & did my build-in book case this weekend…. it’s pretty but not the carmel color that I wanted… I still have to put the clear coat satin finish on it tonight…. I saw that you used the cobblestone color & I was told that it had alot of green in it…..

    • Hi Tammy, Actually, they are, as my husband would describe, the color of ‘shit brindle brown’ (he loves how they turned out, but that is how he describes the color!) I thought it was a made up term, but I just googled it and the Urban Dictionary says “An unpleasant or common and boring colour of brown, in reference to eye colour, hair colour, or just the colour brown. Commonly used among older generations (parents, grandparents, etc)” (does this mean my husband is old?) !!

      Yes, I used the Cobblestone – it is a sage type green un-toned, but depending on the amount of toner, it can really brown up. I left more toner on – wanted it to have an old leather look to it. I brushed it on, then lightly blotted it off with a dry rag and then blended by pulling a dry chip brush through it.

      Good for you on doing your book cases – I bet they are lovely! I wish you’d have contacted me about color choices – if you wanted caramel, you can start with parchment and then brush toner on, and lightly blot off and then just even out with brush. In other words, keep alot of the toner on. If you go on my Caromal Colour page one of the first parchment (cream) cabinet samples has a section taped off where alot of toner was left on – and you can see that caramel color. Got any photos? I’d love to see….

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