Easy Schmezy DIY Light Fixture Facelifts…

I love when updates are simple.  You got ten minutes? Go from this

DSC_688a1to this

DSC_7a008I like to use Modern Masters Metallic Paints.   This one was done with Modern Masters Blackened Bronze and Modern Masters Statuary Bronze.   Put a little bit of paint on a plastic tray,  add in a little thinner, to give it some translucency – (MM makes an Extender for Metallic Paints that works – I use glaze),  then just take a small brush , dip in,  off load it onto paper towel and then chip/pounce/stipple it onto your fixture – bounce it all around.  I didn’t tape this fixture off because the glaze made it wet enough where it wiped right off the glass.    Thats it.  Some of the base can show through.  It doesn’t matter – it just all works together.    No top coat.  No need.

Heres another one.  Same client.  Before (and this one was a new fixture, and almost went back because the black was too stark, but client liked the fixture otherwise, and liked the price as well –

DSC_6110 [Desktop Resolution]

I hit this with the same thing – mostly Statuary Bronze, a little it of Blackened Bronze –

DSC_6953 [Desktop Resolution]

I should note,  this will work when your original fixture is a painted finish -not metal.  For metal (chrome, brass etc ) see below –

A few other examples …    before –

DSC_5712 [Desktop Resolution]

after – theres more to this one.  First brush on Caromal Colours Smooth Basecoat in Chocolate color,  then when dry,  stipple/bounce/pounce Modern Masters Metallic Paint Antique Bronze  cut with some extender or glaze –

DSC_5718 [Desktop Resolution]Last one?   One more ‘rubbed bronze’  copy….    the old –


and the updated-


sniffle sniffle….  that bathroom is no more….. anyone following me this last week knows,  a plumbing leak resulted in this bathroom being gutted.   I don’t look forward to having to redo the walls – any finisher will tell you that its REAL difficult to get your own house finished 🙂

Back to the topic –  Modern Masters is available online,  but it will be cheaper to find it local – check your Benjamin Moore dealers near you,  or Modern Masters site.

Want more DIY ideas? Head on over to A Soft Place To Land – Kimba is having a party!

Happy painting!


5 responses to “Easy Schmezy DIY Light Fixture Facelifts…

  1. Patty,

    The light look great! Do you need to sand or prime for the Modern Masters to grab the old finish? Have you had it chip off?

    I hope your bathroom comes together soon! I know how it goes, so easy to work for everyone else. My office is in that state right now!

    Have a great day,


  2. Hi Jenney – No I have never sanded or primed – and have never had a problem. The ones where I basepainted – those were over shinier metal fixtures (the last 2) and I basepainted those first with the CC smooth basecoat, which has the feature of bonding to anything w/out sanding or priming.

    The first two fixtures that are more of a matte paint finish I did not sand or prime. The MM, cut with extender or glaze so its not so thick, and so that its more translucent, helps the metallic go on nice and thin – not a thick globby stipple. I love their colors – they CAN go on thin and still cover how you need it to. Once dry its not going anywhere. If you don’t add glaze or extender, where you put it is where it wants to stay INSTANTLY, and for me that looks too fake and painted on of a look.

    Ahhhhh my bathroom….. we are waiting to here the final okey, but once that flies, hopefully we can start putting this shack back into order!

    You have a great day as well, my friend. xoxoxoxo

  3. Love your “new” lights, they are so beautiful. Thanks for motivating me to update mine!

  4. Love these posts, easy breezy changes and they’re beautiful to boot!

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