Caromal Colour Cabinet Close Ups…

A lot of requests for closer up cabinet photos –    here are a few –

Original door maple.  Applied Textured base coat Parchment,  brushed, 2 layers.  Toned and wiped off with damp rag-




White shiny cabinet originally.  First layer of Textured Base coat Putty  whiz rolled on .  Second layer brushed on, then toned.  Top color was wiped with damp rag after toner, bottom strip was lightly wiped with dry rag after toner-




Here’s an original white cabinet – a 2 color barn worn finish applied –  First layer of Textured Base coat Paprika brushed on, with some slight stippling here/there.   Then layer of Chipping Creme.  Then layer of Textured Base coat Mustard.   Then sanded, then toned. Wiped with damp rag-


Original door maple,  layer one Textured Base coat Bayberry brushed on, with some medium stippled texture here/there for interest.  Second layer brushed smooth.  Light sand, then Toned.   Main center wiped off with damp rag,  top and bottom wiped off with dry rag-

DSC_7049 [Desktop Resolution]There is no right or wrong way to apply – it is simply how YOU want to finish your piece –

DSC_7048 [Desktop Resolution]

NEED MORE VISUALS? –  You can check out, or my Caromal Colour Blog category for other posts that I’ve made relating to Caromal Colours.


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4 responses to “Caromal Colour Cabinet Close Ups…

  1. Patty

    I just took a furniture painting class at a local vintage shop and then stumbled upon you at ASPL!! This stuff looks so awesome!!! All I want to do is just shop for things to paint now!

    Thanks for sharing this and I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Will you come do my house? And teach me? And give me all your product?

  3. Oh my I am in love with these products. My hubby is finishing up school and then we will be moving to who knows where but I will definitely want to do some projects with this product. I just love it.

    I was wondering how it works and looks on melamine or laminate kitchem cabinets. My parents are thinking of selling their home in SW Florida and were thinking about updating the cabinets without putting a lot of money into them and if they like this look I think this would be a great product.

    Its So Very Cheri and Its So Very Cheri 2 – OUR FAVORITE THINGS

    • Hi Cheri- yes, works lovely over melamine/laminate cabs… in fact (heh heh) i JUST video taped myself demo’ing a laminate door (after seeing how courageous Kimba was!) – as soon as I am done editing (aka cutting out all the ‘cools’ and extra dragging on of minutes) it will be posted on my blog. If I can finish it in the next couple hours I’ll post it tonight.

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