A ‘What If’ Caromal Colour Question – Black Laminate Entertainment Center

I received a question from Jami, asking  “…about an entertainment center and a book shelf that are made out of wood laminate, like this:

yhst-10446107354643_2065_17647944 (JPEG Image, 340x340 pixels)_1250310684509


… It’s exactly that color. Would the kit (Caromal Colour Distressing Kit) in that gorgeous off-white color work on something like that? ”

I replied back saying “Absolutely you can use the Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats over your laminate entertainment center…”

  1. Make sure your furniture is clean and dry,
  2. then brush on approx 2 coats of CC Textured Basecoat in Parchment color.
  3. When dry,  light sand with a palm/mouse sander (or sandpaper if you choose),  using more pressure on the edges or any other areas that you want to distress back – this will help reveal the undercolor.   (Note,  you are starting with black, thus when sanding back you will reveal black.  If you continue to apply pressure you will eat away most of the black and get to the raw presswood underneath)
  4. Brush on Toner
  5. Wipe off with damp rag

Okey, I know this looks yukky, but this was an attempt at starting with black laminate wood.  I took the under part of this laminate wood bookcase unit I am working on (it already has Cobblestone on part of it),  painted black over the wood laminate,  and let it dry.  This photo shows the wood laminate we started with,  then the black basecoat.   I applied 2 coats of Textured Basecoat Parchment.   When dry, I palm sanded the edge , in some areas going deeper to eat through the black.  Then toned and wiped off.   I think it will at least help Jami visualize the distressing – some wood with a hint of black still coming through –


I would love to see what you do with that Entertainment Center Jami… please keep in touch along the way!


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2 responses to “A ‘What If’ Caromal Colour Question – Black Laminate Entertainment Center

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  2. wow.. very awesome answers. I am check it out and gonna try it on my furnitures.

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