An Interview at The Grosse Pointe War Memorial…

Earlier this week I visited the Grosse Pointe War Memorial’s television studio, WMTV5,  to tape a short interview segment with host Lauren Parrott.

DSC_7239 [Desktop Resolution]

(I wore my LOVE THE ARTIST shirt from American Eagle for good luck!)


Lauren asked questions about the two workshops that I will be offering this Fall at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial,  Easy Cabinet and Furniture Refinishing and Gilding Pumpkins and Leaves.  I was able to bring along some samples to show and then I talked a little  (or maybe I talked alot, I was too nervous to remember!) about what we will be doing.  Lauren is a natural.  I was quite antsy – definitely out of my comfort zone!   You can catch Lauren during Things To Do at The War Memorial – which is scheduled at various times throughout the day on Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods cable channels. Check WMTV5’s programming schedule for more information.

I look forward to teaching at the War Memorial,  it’s a lovely, historical building –


Come check it out, an enjoyable evening out, playing with great DIY products!



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