Garage Sale Headboards – A Caromal Colour Makeover

1 Caromal Colours_1251660139384



Here you can see the trim sample using the Caromal Colours Country Living Artisian Collection of Decorative Paints – A Distress For Success Kit, color BAYBERRY created the lovely finish. The flat sample underneath is also worked up using The Bayberry Textured Basecoat, but instead of just toning, Caromal Colours Wall Glaze was brushed on, and Stried, to give more interest to the panels.



2 Caromal Colours_1251660212434


Caromal Colours_1251660240893

For more information on the how-to’s of creating the headboard fabric, check out the Country Living Headboard Makeover


I am not a wallpaper fan, but LOVE it in this room!   Definitely a whole new look, don’t you think?


In review, here’s what you will need to refinish the frame-   Distress for Success Kit    COLOR     BAYBERRY

Caromal Colours_1242709056811

You can use this for the whole thing, or if you’d like to follow this project to a T and ‘strie’ the main panels with glaze, then you would also need to order a quart of  Wall Glaze COLOR  COFFEE STAINattribute_lightbox_GLCS32.jpg

And lastly, some Liberon Wax  COLOR  NEUTRAL   for protection –



Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.



NEED MORE VISUALS? –  You can check out my Caromal Colour Blog category for other posts that I’ve made relating to Caromal Colours.

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Caromal Colours, Regional Director

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8 responses to “Garage Sale Headboards – A Caromal Colour Makeover

  1. Gorgeous! I need something painted “bayberry” in my house!!!!

  2. Oh Patty…that daybed is absolutely amazing! Makes me wish I’d chosen a more fun color instead of black. That beautiful green would be perfect in my girls’ room. I might just have to get more!

    I’m excited to get started…but a bit nervous. I’m on my way to e-mail you right this minute!
    Thanks again for the fabulous giveaway.


  3. Too funny Amanda… the black will be classic – but yes, doesn’t this Bayberry grow on you? Its a fun color – without the toner on it, its a bit ‘uuggh’ to me… but once the toner goes on, it really richens it up! Posting another Bayberry update later this week – yummy!

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  5. tons of jewelry Muhahah

  6. Hey Patti! Have you done anything in the colonial blue? I’m interested in painting a dresser of my, but I was hoping to go for a blue grayish color. Could you tell me anything about the colonial blue? Thanks!!

    • No I haven’t except for this armoire, where I paired it up with parchment… –
      I’m wondering if you mixed it with a little of another color – putty ? The colonial blue is very much an early american blue color.

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