Caromal Colours Question – Will It Work On This Tin Piece?

Beth, over at Southern Living Naturally, asks:

I have another piece that I want to paint – tell me if the paint would work on this:

It’s made of old tin ceiling tiles that somebody at an antique store tried to gild but it didn’t turn out looking too great.  I want to paint over the whole thing and probably use the chipping creme to make it more distressed and rustic looking.  Think the paint will work on tin?

Oh, absolutely!  The nice thing about the Caromal Colour Textured Basecoats is that they bonds to so many different materials. It doesnt matter that this has a previous finish over it,  if you take the basecoats to it, it will finish up just like those picture frames we discussed in my earlier post  (feed-your-creativity-photos-from-a-recent-distressing-workshop).  Could mix colors/ texture –

Playing around with color.... LOVE IT!

Playing around with color…. LOVE IT!

Your piece of art has so many cool grooves to catch the toner in as well – if you DO finish it,  please send me a picture!


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