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Trick or Treat!


Halloween.   Wow things have changed…

I miss the younger years….. when we got to walk down the sidewalk,  while the kids ran from house to house… My parents would come and hand out candy for us. I’d capture pictures, like this one, of mom posing with the kids right before we’d head out –


Now they’re off with friends, trick-or-treating –  sleep-overs after…   What?   I can’t do the pillowcase DUMP and sort everything, and snag the Heath bars and Milkduds?

S I G H…. I guess the TEEN years are arriving.  It is bringing a new, very real change, to what I am used to…

So, here we sit hanging out candy to the neighbor kids that yell “Trick or Treat”  …  it’s kind of a quiet Halloween, there doesn’t seem to be as many kids.

A few of my favorites –  neighbors to the right –


Neighbors to the left –


and 3 guys I didn’t know (probably around 15ish)  I had to grab my camera for – I thought they rocked!


Happy Halloween to all!



Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Samples Go Postal!


Off to Montana… Good luck Felicia!

Metallic Paint Under Caromal Colours Over Wax?

Remember this bathroom – my kids bathroom?   Where Julia and I Caromal Coloured the cabinets in Textured Basecoat Mustard?

DSC_4645 [Desktop Resolution]

but then the toilet leaked all night and caused this mess?DSC_6928 [Desktop Resolution]

It’s finally all better, new cabinets and all  but thats a WHOLE seperate post.

Before the crew hauled away the old cabinets I removed the door and drawer fronts so I could use them for demonstrations.  Problem was,  I chose to use Liberon Wax as the protective top coat.  Liberon is a great topcoat wax – perfect for furniture.  But it is solvent based, which means,you really need to remove that wax before applying anything over it.   I wasn’t too concerned at the time – Liberon sells a Wax Remover and it wasn’t a huge area of cabinets.

One night the Mustard Liberon Wax door pile caught my eye.   What if……….   I DIDNT strip the door first?  What if I just painted right over it?   I wanted to see what would happen.  Would it crack and fall off?

(Sorry I failed to grab my camera at the start of this process)

The door started as an oak door finished with Caromal Colour Texture Basecoat Mustard (topped with Liberon Wax)

First I painted the door with  Modern Masters Pure Gold Metallic Paint


That went on fine, and dried almost perfect except where I force dried it with a blow dryer  (gads….) –  in that spot it started to blister nicely. (note to self – DONT try this outside my home)

When dry I brushed on a layer of Caromal Colours Chipping Creme.  I did this because I wanted to topcoat it with the Parchment color CC Texture Basecoat and then sand back to reveal the gold.  At least, that was the plan.


When dry, I lightly palm sanded down the door.    Then I got out the  Tea Wall Glaze and started to brush it on the door.   This is where I went to get my camera-

DSC_7967As you can see, I’m brushing that glaze on without giving it any thought –


DSC_7968Full 100% coverage.  Not too much because I’m just wiping most of it off  (see above?  Too much. lol)

DSC_7969Dry rag wiping it off –


DSC_7971All wiped off –

DSC_7972A closeup.  You can see that the Pale Gold is there, but you can also see the Mustard (yellow) coming through. If I did this again I’d probably not use the palm sander – it eats away that top layer pretty fast -I buzzed through a bit of the gold.  Also, the gold could have lifted easy because it was not able to bond well to that wax I was too lazy to strip  –

DSC_7974A close up, you can see a sheen from the gold a little bit-

DSC_7977The done door.  Gives me other ideas for trying to play with metallics UNDER these Texture Basecoats,  but next time I will NOT go over a waxed finish-



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Home Spa And Wellness EXPO Grand Rapids

I’ll be at the Home Spa and Wellness EXPO in Grand Rapids on November 14th, demonstrating how easy it is to use Caromal Colours to reifnish your cabinets and furniture.  Come join me!  See it for yourself.   And then stay and enjoy what the EXPO has to offer!    You’re Invited!

Home, Spa and Wellness Expo – Nov 14th 10am to 5pm


5700 28TH ST. S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Treat yourself to a few hours of girl time!   Come as you are,  bring a friend  –   leave rejuvenated!

Saturday Nov. 14th 2009 10am to 5pm
Admissions only $4 adults- kids and seniors FREE

Exhibitors, Demonstrations, guest speakers on stage at the Expo.  Demonstration and Entertainment Speakers will range from a Doctor,  Polka Dot the Clown , weight loss and  a demonstration on how to easily refinish your furniture and cabinets with Caromal Colours – and more … we have it ALL.  A great list of speakers and entertainment.   All FREE!

There will be live costumed characters to meet and greet your children!
Your child can meet their favorite cartoon character, LIVE in person!

Community Event – Kids FREE crafts, activities & More, lots of FUN!
The first 25 attendees  Free  ***   Kids Free – Seniors Free (55 and up)

Products to look for….
massage products, children’s products, vitamins, anti-age products, homeopathy, naturopathy, gift items, home improvement, spa products, household specialty products, jewelry, purses, bath products, fitness, kitchenware, specialty food items, chocolates, candles & scents, weight loss, wellness products, alternative medicines and more!

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