A Snapshot Of An Artist’s Madness

When you are an Artist, you never know when someone will demand your talents.   A best-case scenario is that it all comes in on an even keel, and the Artist hums along happily.

love the artist

The diary of a Mad Artist?  When the pace picks up, and at the same time, other demands are present.

Like kids – soccer, homework, catechism, orthodontist appointments, shuttling …

Like outside demands –  especially if hubster’s ‘glow-nads‘ are being squeezed at work to get it ALL done (nothing wrong with 12 or 14 hour workdays right???)  No hubster, and no expendable income to hire out jobs means SOMEBODY needs to get to the lawn, the edging, the weeding, the Fall cleanup, the packing away of pool toys etc…….

Like inside demands- of course WE know this list is endless…. the mindless things we do, without even realizing we are doing them.   “What did you do today?”  he asks.   “Umm,  not much really”.    Oh REALLY? Keeping the house clean,  laundry current, cats fed and pooper box scooped, checkbook and bills balanced,  schedules updated and relayed, cooking (aarrgh), grocery shopping so that you HAVE something to cook (lol),  exercise (oh Lord have I been slacking on this…. there ISNT enough hours in the day)

Like other work demands – for me, its Caromal Colours.   Direct Marketing/ Sales , call it what you like,  I call it representing a great line of DIY products.  I can inform, I can instruct, I can teach,  I can be a helper.  I INSPIRE and EMPOWER others.  If I do it right, I can also be rewarded for sales I generate.  How cool is that.  I get to be ME!

Like  TV show demands –   okay, is that lame?  It takes a back seat, really.   We have the cable DVR box so all the shows I follow get taped. We’ll usually watch one with the kids before they go to bed – maybe Survivor,  Amazing Race,  The Office, or House.  Then I have my favorites – Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Private Practice…  It’s not uncommon for me to be watching after midnight – while at the same time catching up on the laptop – answering emails and questions,  and blogging…

A snapshot of my workroom last night.  I tried to organize, and sort them, by job, on what I need to get done for who… the first one had too much stuff to stack on the floor!



At least I can see where I’m at now.  I NEED to get busy creating samples and bids…    I also NEED to pull this funky carpet out – I’ve dumped product on it so many times, it is grossing me out to even stand on it…  Yell at me and tell me that I am NOT allowed to pull the carpet, until I get moving on the commitments!



3 responses to “A Snapshot Of An Artist’s Madness

  1. Hi Patty

    Love reading your blogs, daily…..My bathroom is finally done but would like to put a fancy, textured looking, creamy, sparkly, distressed look on the walls….any ideas???(I know you’ll know what I mean….) i want it to look very cool…have a marble, stone colored shower with light and beige natural stone every where else….

    thanks, carol

    • oooh Carol, textural, sparkly, creamy, distressed….. the pressure is on! I know you are an avid DIY’er (which by the way, you owe me a full run of photos from your kitchen cabinet job!!!!) – along the lines of Caromal Colours products we have a Simple Plaster to play with , and some Wall Glazes… have a Wall Workshop coming up , end of month, that covers both- maybe we could even add in some non-Caromal products that I have – to add some sparkly interest? Its just a matter of playing and tweeking – until you get to the YES, thats IT! one…

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