My Fall Front Door Wreath Froofed With Metal Leaf

My Autumn front door wreath has served me well.  This was several several years ago , I can tell because the kids are little, posing with Grandma-


I’d love to just start from scratch and create a new creature, but I’d end up spending too much… so old wreath gets another run.  It was looking a bit shabby, so I added in some Fall foliage and a variety of gilded pumpkins-


My new ‘Mahogany” door is a nicer backdrop for this Autumn season as well, thanks to Cait Whitson – my lovely Master Decorative Finisher friend.  Cait owns Carte Blanche in Scotland (YES, all the way across the ocean!) and occasionally comes to America to teach the techniques of graining and marbling.

I love the glimmery pumpkins!


Leaf gives a different effect than metallic paint… its almost dimensional-


Caromal Colours offers 3 sizes of Gilding Kits,  A Large Kit ($77.50) that comes with 250 sheets of leaf,  A Small Kit ($34) that comes with 50 sheets of leaf, and a Sampler Gilding Kit ($40) that comes with 25 sheets each of Silver, Gold and Copper metal leaf.  The kits are complete and come with Basecoat, Sticky Size, Leaf,  Toner, Gloves, Brush, Stir Stick and Easy-To-Follow Instructions.

If you use it to glisten up your Fall decor, save every scrap of leaf in the box…you can use them for gilding every other little thing.

Its not just for eggs or fruit, pumpkins or picture frames.   How about

Gilded Pinecone Placecard holders-

360 460l-86400,http _a323.yahoofs.com_phugc_EDQVYNnaygZW_photos_70d4c93c391a733996acec0a97817ded_ori_1ff712a5eeabcc.jpg ug_____DXXEDf9c5

Buy a cheap plastic drapery rod and gild it for a million dollar look-

DWG03Gild plastic chargers or old glass dishware, to create fun festive accessories-

Gold Charger 2

Copper Charger Plates, Crate and Barrel

Copper Charger Plates, Crate and Barrel

In my professional business I have used Gold Leaf to decorate ceilings –


that was a feat that I’d only recommend for the professional, but how about smaller scale?

Decorate a small accent table in Gold Leaf-

J Covington Design

J Covington Designs

or take that same table, paint the legs black, tape off the top and Silver Leaf it-

J Covington Designs

J Covington Designs

Accent a lampshade-

Spire Table Lamp, Kravet Fabrics

Spire Table Lamp, Kravet Fabrics

Where were we?  Ah yes,  gilded pumpkins-


You know where to buy it (if you don’t, start here) –  use my code PattyH to save on shipping.

Have fun!

For those of you in the Metro Detroit area, interested in gilding some pumpkins and leaves, come join me Thursday, October 8th  at 630pm for a Learning to Gild Workshop.   Fee $85, bring a friend save $10 each.   Receive Sampler Size Gilding Kit,  5 various pumpkins to gild, and a variety of silk leaves.  Email me at or leave a message on my mobile 313-318-6511.


2 responses to “My Fall Front Door Wreath Froofed With Metal Leaf

  1. Your wreath is wonderful!!!! YOu know I love that polka dotted pumpkin!!!

  2. Wow, you really gave that wreath a new life! Love the pumpkins too!

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