Caromal Colours New Perfect Plaster

Played around this weekend with  Caromal Colours newest plaster – Perfect Plaster –


Perfect Plaster replaces their previous plasters  Smooth Plaster and Textured Plaster. The new is kind of a combination of both.   Its DIY friendly.   You roll it on.  When it dries you can sand it and leave it as is,  you can glaze it,  you can even paint over it.

This sample was one layer of rolled Perfect Plaster,  then when dry I rolled on Caromal Colours Tea Stain Glaze and wiped off, then lightly sanded.  The bottom half I glazed with Coffee Glaze-


The next two samples are both over a light tan/gold color basepaint.  The first one was rolled real thin, then glazed with Tea Glaze.  The second one was rolled and then glazed with Coffee Glaze-



This one was one layer rolled thicker.  Top was glazed with Coffee Glaze, bottom was glazed with Tea Glaze.  After the glaze was wiped off I lightly sanded the texture –


Closer up-


Caromal Colours Perfect Plaster – an easy way to add character, warmth and charm.  One Gallon goes 100-300 sf, depending on how thick you lay. The play by play HOW-TO instructions for Perfect Plaster.

In case you were wondering about that decorative piece of trim – that was created using the Caromal Colours Barnworn Kit.  First layer was Chocolate Texture Basecoat, then Chipping Creme, then Cobblestone Texture Basecoat, then I sanded then Toned.


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5 responses to “Caromal Colours New Perfect Plaster

  1. I spent hours on your site today…then tonight found the plaster! Is it that easy? You just roll it on? Can you use it over an already textured wall? Do you have samples of this with the stians that can be purchased? I am so excited to have found your site…hoping it is really so easy…my projects tend to end up more difficult than anticipated!

  2. Hi Toni,

    I saw your earlier question on the switchplates, and I will answer that as well – yes that plaster is easy – its a thin product – not thick and pasted, so it rolls out then you can stain with the glazes (cut with water) by rolling or brushing those on and wiping off. You can roll 2 coats and you end up with more texture, you can roll a coat , you can lightly sand it with a sand block after you glaze it and it will distress it up some… absolutely you can go over already textured walls – i can try to work up a sample tomorrow and glaze 1/2 with tea and 1/2 with coffee for you to see the difference.

  3. Hi,
    Don’t know if you’ll get this email- I hope so. I have been looking for video of people actually using the textured plaster product but can’t find any. Does the plaster add color to the walls or is it a see-thru finish? If it does add color..what color is it? I wanted to do the top 1/2 of my dining room in the plaster and the bottom 1/2, whcih has wainscotting, in cobblestone. The walls are currently painted a greenish/grey color and the bottom is white. I know the wall currently will not go with the cobblestone paint on the wainscotting. I don’t want to repaint the walls. Any ideas??

  4. And my husband is convinced he won’t like the textured look…and was to convince him? I’d hate to buy it and then he not like it. Thanks so much 🙂

    • The textured plaster isn’t available anymore, they stopped making it, said at one point they’d revamp it, but never happened. I dont think we’ll see it back, folks way more interested in cabinets and furniture, not as much walls. The wainscotting would be lovely painted – do you want textured ? if you want a smoother look I’d go with the CeCe Caldell – it brushes out and covers amazing and offers a great palette of colors – you could look at any of the grays, depending on how dark you want to go – – or you could use the REclaim roll on – but less color options there….

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