Home Spa And Wellness EXPO Grand Rapids

I’ll be at the Home Spa and Wellness EXPO in Grand Rapids on November 14th, demonstrating how easy it is to use Caromal Colours to reifnish your cabinets and furniture.  Come join me!  See it for yourself.   And then stay and enjoy what the EXPO has to offer!    You’re Invited!

Home, Spa and Wellness Expo – Nov 14th 10am to 5pm


5700 28TH ST. S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Treat yourself to a few hours of girl time!   Come as you are,  bring a friend  –   leave rejuvenated!

Saturday Nov. 14th 2009 10am to 5pm
Admissions only $4 adults- kids and seniors FREE

Exhibitors, Demonstrations, guest speakers on stage at the Expo.  Demonstration and Entertainment Speakers will range from a Doctor,  Polka Dot the Clown , weight loss and  a demonstration on how to easily refinish your furniture and cabinets with Caromal Colours – and more … we have it ALL.  A great list of speakers and entertainment.   All FREE!

There will be live costumed characters to meet and greet your children!
Your child can meet their favorite cartoon character, LIVE in person!

Community Event – Kids FREE crafts, activities & More, lots of FUN!
The first 25 attendees  Free  ***   Kids Free – Seniors Free (55 and up)

Products to look for….
massage products, children’s products, vitamins, anti-age products, homeopathy, naturopathy, gift items, home improvement, spa products, household specialty products, jewelry, purses, bath products, fitness, kitchenware, specialty food items, chocolates, candles & scents, weight loss, wellness products, alternative medicines and more!

Interested Vendors email at spaandwellnessgr@yahoo.com
Check out our new blog/web site  http://spaandwellnessexpo.blogspot.com


8 responses to “Home Spa And Wellness EXPO Grand Rapids

  1. Question… Let’s say… let’s just ponder that I decide to do an entire kitchen of cabinets in… say… peppercorn… and after a month it just hasn’t grown on me, and now I think parchment would have been a better choice. Can I strip this off??? What if I decide that I want to go with a stain instead of paint? Am I unable to remove Carolmel Colors, or will this release fairly easy with stripper and my handy-dandy stripper tool and sandpaper?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Okey, so you paint over your oak cabinets with Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat color Peppercorn. A month later you decide that its way too dark for your taste and you wish you’d have chosen your ‘other’ choice (Parchment) instead. Can I strip this off? You wouldn’t have to. You’d go directly over the Peppercorn. Remember, no sanding no stripping, so paint over that Peppercorn with the Parchment and live happily ever after.

      What if you decide you want to change it back to a wood grain and stain it, instead of it being painted? Well now you are back to the tedious job of stripping,sanding etc to get your cabinets to their original unfinished raw grain, in order to apply a stain. Is it doable? More than likely – these are water based products – I’d guess almost anything can be stripped – but I would never tackle that job – to me, the stripping process is never easy. That’s why there is such an appeal to these products – the ease they offer at the front end – allowing you to not HAVE to strip or sand first, before application.

      So – painting over paint is much easier. Trying to strip it back to raw grain – not easy.

  2. Thanks… with each post you are helping to make this decision.

  3. Great Info!

  4. Home Spa and Wellness EXPO Grand Rapids will be best opportunity to learn about using Caromal Colors to refinish cabinets and furniture. I am planning to change my ceiling and painting some of my kitchen cabinets and cupboards as part of our home improvement. I won’t miss this opportunity since the admission fee is also reasonable.

  5. Was this Health, Spa, and Wellness show in Grand Rapids real? Cindy Marinko told me that I could not participate in her show due to already having a distributor of the same type in the show. Yet, she cashed my entry check! I have been contacting her via the email address on the blogspot and she has repetitively given me the run around. I am going to pursue this issue legally now. I just wonder if she swindled anyone else.

    • Hi Adrienne, I am pretty certain this show was real. I did not rent space, thus I was not required to pay – I had numerous email corespondences with Cindy – she seemed very much on the straight path.. I ended up not making it to the show, last minute, for several personal reasons, but right up until the end I had no problems. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience….

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