Metallic Paint Under Caromal Colours Over Wax?

Remember this bathroom – my kids bathroom?   Where Julia and I Caromal Coloured the cabinets in Textured Basecoat Mustard?

DSC_4645 [Desktop Resolution]

but then the toilet leaked all night and caused this mess?DSC_6928 [Desktop Resolution]

It’s finally all better, new cabinets and all  but thats a WHOLE seperate post.

Before the crew hauled away the old cabinets I removed the door and drawer fronts so I could use them for demonstrations.  Problem was,  I chose to use Liberon Wax as the protective top coat.  Liberon is a great topcoat wax – perfect for furniture.  But it is solvent based, which means,you really need to remove that wax before applying anything over it.   I wasn’t too concerned at the time – Liberon sells a Wax Remover and it wasn’t a huge area of cabinets.

One night the Mustard Liberon Wax door pile caught my eye.   What if……….   I DIDNT strip the door first?  What if I just painted right over it?   I wanted to see what would happen.  Would it crack and fall off?

(Sorry I failed to grab my camera at the start of this process)

The door started as an oak door finished with Caromal Colour Texture Basecoat Mustard (topped with Liberon Wax)

First I painted the door with  Modern Masters Pure Gold Metallic Paint


That went on fine, and dried almost perfect except where I force dried it with a blow dryer  (gads….) –  in that spot it started to blister nicely. (note to self – DONT try this outside my home)

When dry I brushed on a layer of Caromal Colours Chipping Creme.  I did this because I wanted to topcoat it with the Parchment color CC Texture Basecoat and then sand back to reveal the gold.  At least, that was the plan.


When dry, I lightly palm sanded down the door.    Then I got out the  Tea Wall Glaze and started to brush it on the door.   This is where I went to get my camera-

DSC_7967As you can see, I’m brushing that glaze on without giving it any thought –


DSC_7968Full 100% coverage.  Not too much because I’m just wiping most of it off  (see above?  Too much. lol)

DSC_7969Dry rag wiping it off –


DSC_7971All wiped off –

DSC_7972A closeup.  You can see that the Pale Gold is there, but you can also see the Mustard (yellow) coming through. If I did this again I’d probably not use the palm sander – it eats away that top layer pretty fast -I buzzed through a bit of the gold.  Also, the gold could have lifted easy because it was not able to bond well to that wax I was too lazy to strip  –

DSC_7974A close up, you can see a sheen from the gold a little bit-

DSC_7977The done door.  Gives me other ideas for trying to play with metallics UNDER these Texture Basecoats,  but next time I will NOT go over a waxed finish-



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One response to “Metallic Paint Under Caromal Colours Over Wax?

  1. Came out so nice — cabinets are some of my faves…

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