Red And Black Kitchen Cabinets

I am working on a reply right now, to Carolyn who posted this –

I do have a question. I am ordering the Peppercorn distressing set to do my kitchen cabinets. My hubby and I were talking about doing the top cabinets in peppercorn distressed and the bottom in paprika. We want to put in black (possibly) counter tops of granite or soapstone. We have black appliances. I wanted to do all black cabinets but he thought is was too much black. Can you get a visual of the black and red?? I want to unite it with the toner and perhaps black knobs. How do you think that would look??? I really need a female opinion here.:)

In the process of answering,   I found myself googling to find red and black kitchens so that I could offer visuals.  This past weekend I had a guy call me – his wife saw a Caromal Colour News Article that was in the Detroit News this last Spring.  He was finally finding time to focus on their kitchen – a kitchen full of oak stained cabinets.  Long story short, he and his wife stopped by, an hour later, to SEE what this cabinet finish looked like.  They loved it, and are planning on doing their kitchen cabinets in the Paprika, and then the island they want to do in a 2 color Paprika with Peppercorn (black) over top, then distressed back to reveal the red underneath.

Thats twice, in the matter of days, that I am hearing about black and red together.  This morning I had another email about Caromal Colour choices, and their choice is Parchment for the kitchen mains, and Paprika (red) for the island and tall cabinet – accents.     Now how about visuals? screen capture 2009-11-3-23-32-35




Black Richlite - A

Black Richlite - B






……Can you get a visual of the black and red?? I want to unite it with the toner and perhaps black knobs. How do you think that would look??? I really need a female opinion here…

Yes, I can get a visual from the photos above.  The first one gives me an idea of what you are thinking of doing (the photo is quite modern but look beyond the style).  Several others show me that I like the black counters on top of red cabinets.  Maybe black counters on black would be too much?    Its hard to tell you what to/what not to do – it is all absolutely a matter of personal choice.   To help you better see the ‘visual’   take that all red kitchen, above, and imagine coloring in the bottom cabinets black.    There are several all black kitchens above.  All black ‘could’ be a lot of black – it all depends on what is on your floors, what your counter choice will be, wall color…   The all red looks nice as well.

I think a mix of both black and red would be lovely, as is shown in one of the first photos above.  It looks like the main cabinets are black, then the island is red as is an accent cabinet over top.  Do you have an island? Or tall set of cabinets, like a pantry unit? Or desk area?   I think my personal choice would be to tie in the second color by using it as an accent, rather than top 1/2 being one color, bottom 1/2 being another  – but that is just me and MY space.   YOU know your space best – and YOU and your hubster have to be the ones deciding this choice!  Let me know what you do!!!


8 responses to “Red And Black Kitchen Cabinets

  1. OK, this is why I LOVE this site. I was concerned that I asked a question that I would have to “pay” for cuz you are an awesome designer. Look what I received. Patty, I tell you what, you may live across the country but you are neighbor to me!!!!

    I will go over these photos with my honey and see what he thinks!!


  2. Actually, the last photo that you sent…the black cabinets with the beams and the light walls…..THAT is what I want my kitchen to look like. I have no island, but I have tall cabinets. I love the look of the walls and that is another project. I love the floors in the picture and don’t know what they are but they are fab. To me the black distressed cabinets with the warm walls with the weathered in time look and the beams on the ceiling are IT for me.

  3. Alot of people style there kitchen on colours on the safe side. I think red and black are a great combination of colours to include in the kitchen

  4. Remember, the Caromal Colour Paprika would be more of a brick red, not the brighter red that is found in these kitchens. I love the distressed black as well.

    I have one client that came real close to adding fake wood beams (she was eyeing them at Outwater Supply Co) in her kitchen, and the ceilings werent 2 story. She decided against, in the end, and instead added those beams in the basement when they finished it. I have photos I’ll be posting – just have to find the time !

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  6. i love the red and black together. creates a sharp, modern look.

  7. i just did a sample yesterday with the huckleberry blue and black together – it looks pretty cool too – quite current…

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