Daily Archives: November 10, 2009

Sorry For This Interruption, My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me…

My boyfriend broke up with me…  His hard drive died.


I wondered what was happening, lately, wtih my Dell E1705 Inspirion.  It has been dogging slow… spinning into hourglass dizziness – and the infamous “Not Responding” as the screen ghosts…   This weekend  I struggled with it and did several System Restores.   It seemed back to normal.

Nope.    This morning I tried to get my Windows Live Messenger going.  I had a scheduled video camera date with a finisher in Illinois – we were going to do a LIVE Caromal Colours Independent Representative Training at 10AM.  Joining us was another finisher from Gaylord, Michigan (about 3 hours north of me).    Needless to say, we got a late start because my laptop crashed for good.   Had to think quick, and thankfully I was able to load my video camera software onto the kids desktop down in my workshop area. 

Later,  I called my PC fixit guy.   Ends up my hard drive is shot.   It all makes sense now.     Tonight I ran up to  Best Buy and got a new boyfriend.  He is really pretty – sparkles like black galaxy granite.  I don’t know how he works yet but I will learn soon.  He is equipped with Windows 7, is that what its called?  No Vista.   

I have to share a quick funny that happened when I was paying for the new machine.  A young sales guy was helping me, but then had to go take care of something so a female sales lady finished helping me.  She was ringing me up, when Mr. Young guy came back over.  He commented on the machine I’d chosen – I  commented that originally, when I’d arrived at the store my plan was to NOT get a big screen like my old Dell (17.3 inch).  I thought I would be fine with a smaller viewing screen,  and then it would be easier to carry around.  But, I told the salespeople, when I checked out the new options, I only felt comfortable with the bigger ones.  So the young guy says “Ya, theres something to be said for the big ones”  (trust me, he was being innocent) .  Now here I am,  signing the bill,  not thinking, and I reply back “Oh, do YOU have a big one?”     About 2 seconds later, I started to crack up –  out loud – because it just struck me as such the wrong thing to say!  And the funny was?  He didn’t get it at first.   The sales lady did.  She tried to save me –  she said  ‘Yes, he has a BIG desktop”   and I said  “ah, yes!”   I couldn’t get out of there quick enough!

Now I just need to get all my STUFF transferred over.    Tomorrow morning, on my way to this weeks wall job , I will be dropping off both my old boyfriend Mr Dell and my new flame  Mr. ASUS, and see if he can hook me up. 

Tomorrow job is a 2 part – I’m hoping to get both done in 4 days, at least  thats the plan – going to Sandstone and Glaze the kitchen


and  dress up an orange Master Bedroom focal wall with some Lusterstone Metallic Plaster-


 Will post pictures as it progresses.