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Sandstoned Kitchen Wall Finish

I started this kitchen this week –

 jones kitchen before

Client had painted 2 focal walls and wanted to soften the rest of the room.  It was approx 220 sf.    I suggested a Sandstone Finish-

Sandstone Finish

Day 1,  taped and whiz rolled on  a layer of Sandstone, tinted with a hair of Dark Brown tint-  

sandstone rolled

DSC_8543 [1280x768] 

Day 2 I glazed, whizzing on two colors –  Dark Brown Aquacreme and a custom mix of Dark Brown, Earth Brown and Rouge Royale.  Whizzed on the Dark Brown about 70% ,  chipped on the Red, about 15%,  then blended colors using my sooper dooper thick  4 inch chippy brushes (Bruno is coming over to check it out) –   

4 inch chip brush thickness

4 inch chip brush

Blot out any heavy areas, then move on to the next section.   I like to go back and lightly sand the finish using a sand block – I wait until I’ve worked about 3 sections of wall, then I back up and sand those sections, starting with the oldest first.  This way, the glaze has set up, and the sandblock doesnt leave scratches.  If you sand too soon, you’ll have alot of scratch marks to chip out –

DSC_8545 [1280x768]

DSC_8553 [1280x768]

DSC_8556 [1280x768]

Got it all glazed except for this last wrap around –

DSC_8551 [1280x768]

Day 3 I worked a couple hours and finished up –

DSC_8570 [1280x768] 

DSC_8571 [1280x768]

 DSC_8573 [1280x768]

 Happy Client.  Happy Me! 


Back From The DeadZone With My Asus…

I find it easier to create a blog post when I am regularly blogging… once time lapses, for whatever reason/s, it’s more difficult to sit and ‘feel’ the post… instead, my head feels like an old arcade game –  Astroids –  zipping in every direction.   One day at  a time, sweet Jesus… 

My laptop and I are getting along just fine.   My new Asus has a keyboard that has backlight –  how cool is that?  (I am not keen on the name  –  it reminds me of anus.  Sick, I know.) 

I am a happy camper – I have my two fuzzy buddies next to me, a warm snapping fire at my back (see the reflection in my laptop?),  and a fast and efficient computer at my finger tips – just waiting for me to go to town on –


To all  of you that are emailing and calling,  patiently waiting, and emailing again,  wondering if I have dropped off the face of the earth,  I am here.  And I feel guilty as hell that it is taking  me so long to respond.  If you know me well enough, you’ll know this about me –  I like to be of help.  I take it serious.  I can’t just offer a quick reply or response without forethought. Instead, your email stays in my INBOX.  I don’t move it, or delete it, until I can answer it.   But that takes time, and crazy as this sounds, I’ve not had any of that.

This week didnt’ start well-

   – my computer crashing,  a day of chaos trying to set up and pull off a video training session for Caromal Colours… but i did it!

  – a new client,  2 rooms to pull off, hopefully by Friday so I could stay on track for next week …. check! 

But tough to get the rest of the stuff done,  like

  -running daughter to soccer every other night …  The good thing is, these training facilities have Wi-Fi… I , like many other parents there,  drag the laptop and widdle away….

  -grocery shopping (just what you feeling like doing after hanging on the wall all day … NOT!)

  -my adult, over 30 soccer game – fun but I hate the late nights…..

  -a friends birthday.   Budgetary times call for creative meaning… I took one of our coffee-to-go cups and decorated it with ribbon and metallic pens, filled it with vanilla caramel coffee,  planted a candle in a cupcake, and stopped and dropped on my way to work –



And then dinner one day –   planned early in the morning in the form of a pot roast in a crockpot.  Wait.  Not that easy.  Daughter calls me, while I’m grocery shopping (at 5PM) to tell me the power went out (early in the day) and the crock pot was just blinking.   Not on….   shit.  Roast floating all day in funky luke warm juice.    Ended up buying stuff to whip out tacos quick….  

Did I mention sick kids, and now moving my way?   Ah, who cares – it is Friday,  the week was a good one,  and I am back…

Have a great weekend!