Sampling The Samplings of Caromal Colours

The life of a recent order …

This first set of 3 shows the process of using a Caromal Colour Barnworn Kit –  applying one color of basecoat –  (the top samples are what we are re-creating)


then a layer of Chipping Creme-


then a layer of a second color  of basecoat –


then sand to achieve your desired effect-


then brush on the Toner and wipe off –

DSC_8494And the second set, same way…  first layer is one basecoat color-


layer of Chipping Creme-


Basecoat color number 2-


Sand –


Tone  and wipe, and voila –


If  you’re interested in purchasing the Caromal Colours products, but are unsure of what color/s to go with,



Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.




5 responses to “Sampling The Samplings of Caromal Colours

  1. Patty, I’m very interested in trying this product and appreciate the info you have on your blog as well as utube. However, I’m still wondering…I have my childhood dresser which I would like to turn into a TV stand. The top of it is something like formica…very smooth and white while the rest is wood. Will the caromal colours stick to it without chipping off? Will it unify the two different surfaces? I’m not thinking I want the barn type finish…just a kind of antiqued finish with some gold guilding?

    I’m also wondering if it would be an appropriate product to use on my doors and trim? My doors are wood hollow core and flat, but I’m thinking of adding some moulding and painting them.

    Oh, and the other question that has been toying around in my brain is about the hinges on cabinets…you say you don’t remove the doors when you do cabinets but is there a trick for keeping the paint off the hinges? Sure would make the job a heck of alot easier not trying to do them flat.

    Thanks alot for any advice help you can give me…will be ordering product or samples soon as I can decide on what to do first! Debbi

    • Hi Debbi,

      I think I had a simliiar dresser as a kid – yes, the Caromal Colour Texture Basecoats will adhere to both finish surfaces – yes I think it would unify both – your piece, in the end, will look uniform in color and finish. Where you would notice a difference would be if you sanded the edges to distress – sanding down to the formica would reveal that white sheen, which wouldn’t deepen much from the toner, and sanding down to the wood edges on the rest of the piece would reveal wood which would take the toner better. But you said you don’t really want to distress it anyway. My suggestion would be if you wanted to slightly distress, to do so on the wood cabinet portion – like slightly sand an edge here/there on a drawer front, or the side edge – but leave the top edges alone. Does this make sense?

      Antiqued finish – choose a color and then use the toner over it and it will give an antiqued look. Not certain where you’d want to do the gold gilding?

      It can dress doors and trim up nicely – I have quite a few trim samples on my site- here is one post

      Regarding hinges and removing doors – I havent removed the doors but I DID paint over the hinges- the basecoats bond to metal and I didnt care whether my hinge was metal or painted (provided it stays put and doesnt chip off, which it wont) so I painted over my hinges. If you want to preserve your metal hinges, then you’ll have to take the time to tape them off. I’d do that over removing the doors….

      Hope this helps!

  2. I love the colors and finishes shown here. Thanks for checking in with me regarding my kitchen dilemma. I didn’t do anything with my kitchen because our house is for sale and I have been advised to leave it alone for the new owners to do what they want. So, I am anxiously awaiting those new owners, wherever they might be! I will keep your finishes in mind when I get to do something in a new house. Thanks for visiting hill country house!

    • That makes very good sense to leave it alone, as your kitchen is yummy just as it is – buyers will appeal to it. Good luck in your selling adventure, I wish we could sell our house but our market here in Detroit is still in the tank… Patty

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