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OhlaLa Orange Master Bedroom Focal Wall

Remember this?

I finished this wall last week –

Had a great base to start over –  a semi-gloss orange wall.  Clients love color -but this orange wall needed sugar on top…

I cooked up a sample-

that was one layer troweled Copper and Tequila Sunrise Lusterstone , double loaded on the trowel, blended –  troweled relatively thin.   When dry,  I whizzed on a glaze using 2 colors – Dark Brown Aquacreme and a custom blend made with Dk Brown, Van Dyke Brown, Rouge Royale and Earth Brown.  Whizzd both on, random, using one roller,  then busted out with a stippler.

Day One,  Ready to go –

First layer troweled-

Day Two –   glaze in process-

Complete –

LOVE that wall!

In January I’ll be back to do a similiar finish in this client’s finished lower level.  This time it will be a lovely oyster Shimmered Suede Metallic Plaster with a troweled, activated RS Glaze over top –

I suggested coming up with a cool, decorative backsplash – playing off the black granite counter , the stone floor and the shimmered suede of the walls – maybe something tiled that combines all 3 finishes?  It will be fun creating various options for them to choose from –   Like this, over at hivearchitecture.com

or this one that my Florida finisher friend Krista Vind created using foils –

Check out that train track that is mounted up around the ceiling  (Lionel train is hidden)  pretty sweet-

My clients only request?  That I have it done by the Superbowl.  No problem.



Can I vent?   I was just thinking about how I have very little patience for wasting time – especially when my plate is overflowing…

Last week, on the job,  I was finishing up the kitchen with the red walls.   I was almost done and on a roll, glazing the stone.  Up from the basement came a serviceman – he was finishing up work for the client. He dropped his bags, blocking my way, and started to walk away to find the client.   I politely mentioned that his stuff was in my way –

(he)   ‘I’ll only be a minute’

(me)    ‘Really?’

(he)    ‘Is that a problem?

(me)    ‘ Sure, I’ve got NOTHING better to do than to stand here and wait on you’…

He still went to find the client – obviously he didn’t think anything of it… Pu-leeze….. Richard Noggin.

Sunday,  Mark and I had a few errands – one was hitting the A&T store.   My bluetooth device needed to be swapped for a different model.  The old one was killing my ear.

I’m not sure how your AT&T  or cellphone provider store operates, but our AT&T store greets you at the door –  TWO salespeople mind you,  and requires you to give your name.    Then you wait your turn – called on when they have an available salesperson.   Fine.  Weekend, I know it’s going to be a longer wait, so we wait.    And wait, and wait.    Finally, a nice sales lady helps me swap my old bluetooth for a new –

So farI like it.  This Motorola version does NOT tuck into your inner ear – instead it just sits on the outside but the sound is amplifed.  The sound is crisp and loud and clear, and it doesn’t hurt my ear.  Cool.

In our errand running, we hit the APPLE store.  I was looking for a certain kind of IPHONE case that my client had.   I saw them at the AT & T store but we figured the APPLE store would have a way better selection.   Guess what – the APPLE store didn’t even HAVE that kind of case!  No way!   Now that meant heading back to the AT&T store.   Gads….

We swung back by the AT&T store.  Sony and Cher  met me at the door – again.  Took my name, even though I said ‘I am only buying a CASE that is hanging on your merchandise rack’.     I went to the rack and chose my case.  And guess what happened next…..    we stood and waited – about 20 minutes, while they went through the que of customers…. one by one….  I couldn’t just walk to the counter and cash out.  Nope.  Had to wait until they called my name.   I even went up to Jack and Jill , about 10 minutes into it, and asked why I had to WAIT for a sales clerk when I didn’t need one .  Sorry,  its procedure.   I was losing my mind-  I had a simple UNDER 30 SECOND transaction (  just ring my shit up so we can get home) but had to first wait for all the people ahead of us, that had  legitimate phone issues…

WELL AT&T, CHANGE YOUR PROCEDURE!     Seriously,  this kind of crap will make me re-think signing again with them.   Customer service is so important – why aren’t you finding the best way to service ALL of your client’s needs? Making someone wait, in a que, for a 30 second merchandise sale?  That is not servicing the customer…

In case you’re wondering, heres the case –

…And Here I Sit Wondering Where October Went!

I tracked our Crimson Maple changing color –

Do you think Bruno and Sebastian can sense the season changing?  Smell it in the air?  Wonder if they realize that their afternoons of fresh air are coming to an end?

A cool frame, stranded on my camera disk, from an October Caromal Colours workshop –

Marks birthday –

Captured the moment of Nick laying by the heater vent…  anyone else do this?   My FAVORITE –  cranking the thermostat up a good five degrees,  grabbing a couple blankets – one to lay on,  one to tent over the cabinet doors (creates a heat pouch), and then climbing into the heat pouch – Bruno always joins in as well.  Great way to take a 30 minute power nap –

And then we woke up and it was November!