Painting The Inside Of A Cabinet…

I’ve been chatting back and forth with Felicia.  She is interested in using Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats to update the cabinets in her house.  She ordered wood samples of various Caromal Colour finish colors from me a few weeks ago, and from those chose the colors she will use.

She is using Parchment  with Coffee Glaze on all of the cabinets except the island and the taller corner cabinet.  On those she will use Paprika with Toner –

So, my question back to her was this –

Are you planning on finishing the insides of those glass door cabinets?

What do you think?

Lets go visual –    the corner glass door cabinet and the island (which has the end glass doors)  will both be this color –

This might be how it would start to look –

I know, after seeing that photo, if they were my cabinets I would have to paint the insides…

But what color?    The same as the outside?

How about paint it different than the outside?

I like that idea… ALOT!

These are curio cabinets, not kitchen cabinets, but its a perfect visual.  The base color is just like the toned Paprika.  The inside color in the image on the left reminds me of the Pumpkin Textured Basecoat.   The image on the right reminds me of what Felicia’s cabinets would look like if she painted both the outside AND the inside Paprika –

It’s nice, but I still like the idea of changing up the inside color.   How about using the Parchment color on the inside?  For certain, it would tie everything together –

This all reminded me of one of my favorite clients – … she always comes up with neat ways to decorate her home.  Last year she replaced her butler pantry cabinet’s glass with a mesh wire.  She called me in to add a finish to the inside cabinet –

Wow, what a difference a little paint/color makes…   Felicia, keep me posted!


7 responses to “Painting The Inside Of A Cabinet…

  1. Felicia…. go big or go home!!!! Go wild with that paint…. the last pic was my very favorite!!! If she doesnt’ have lighting in those glass cabs…. she’ll have to make it bright to make it show up!

  2. Patty,
    Stop! Since I took your Caromal Colours class. along with all of these pictures and ideas, I don’t want to take the time to sleep! I just want to paint everyone’s world….. If I have a breakdown I am going to point the finger at your website. LOL
    Thanks for all of the great pictures. They help so much. I am starting to paint my own cabinets and I will now paint the insides of the glass fronts.

  3. No pointing this way Karen – your brain, buzzing non-stop, is your own creation 🙂

    What color you doing your kitchen in?

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  5. just found your website. I think it’s so cool. I used to do a lot of redecorating . We had six kids and we’re in our sixth house, But came down with fibromyalgia. And have to take it really slow. I hope some day I will be up to speed again. I have 7 grandkids. They are amazing like my children are. Married to the same man 30 years. We were both converted hippies. I would like to write a book some day!

    • Nice to hear from you Annie, wow six children! The painter I work alot with has five kids, and he’ll casually mention his ‘family of 7’ and it just stops me short – 5 or 6 kids! I have only 2 and sometimes they are more than I can handle… it makes me feel like a real whimp!

      My artist friend (she is awesomely talented – and smart too) recently took up writing – and she said its her new love. Maybe you’d find the same!

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