Daily Archives: November 20, 2009

A Sunroom Makeover And A Sweet Slate Floor

Gear out, ready to start glazing all the trim.  Used Aquacreme tinted with Earth Brown, and a little Aquacreme tinted with Raw Umber.  I love my rolling scaffold – I rarely use a ladder anymore – soley work off my rolling scaffold. It”s 4 ft high, and the 2 steps are adjustable so you can double them up, side by side, or you can vary them (like in the photo). If I stand on that top ledge I can get to the top of a regular height ceiling!   I got it off Ebay, years ago, for a steal – well under $100.  It isn’t as well made as the Perry brand, though… if I could do over I’d invest in that one instead. I’m told the wheels are WAY nicer – they don’t catch and trip up on tarps, plastic etc – that drives me crazy! And I think my offbrand isn’t as solid – I bent the frame awhile back (I think jamming it into my SUV) – it still works, I just have to work a little to get the metal steps on.    The 4ft Perry runs $212 –

Ceiling beam done, and all the back windows except the far left-

My helper, working on the muntin bars-

Starting the multi-color glaze on the walls,  a mix of Earth Brown, Dark Brown and a custom Green blend –

Working my way around the room-

Almost done!

Finished –

Isn’t this a lovely floor?   So many colors would work with it –

I’m either getting slower as I get older, or I’m not keeping clear notes – but this trim took me a good bit longer to glaze than I’d estimated. Next time, I’ll get it right!!!