Tall Chairs And Tights? A Holiday Delight…

I have a lot of catching up to do.  One thing that has piled up is the mail.  Catalogs galore, local papers… oh the pressure to get through it all.   So today?  I grabbed the biggest item in the pile –  this year’s  Somerset Collection Magazine, Holiday 2009 .  Somerset Collection is a beautiful mall not far from here –

I don’t know why I get this magazine.  I never shop there.  Do they think we have money?   Maybe they pick and choose who they mail it to?  Our neighborhood would be considered high end  – but wait!  That was in the OLD days…. a couple years ago …. when our house was ACTUALLY OUR NEST EGG!   Now it’s just a bad dream.

I know,  we’re coming into the holiday season – no time for hum and drum.   So I enjoyed the magazine, cover to cover, with my lunch.   Juicy,  Brooks Brothers,  St. John, Armanis, Barneys – a lot of it is just so out there.   Or maybe I’m not in touch with style.  Me – the  paint clothes,  or jeans and  t-shirt girl.

But, a couple things did catch my eye.  One was this new furniture store Arhaus.  I loved these tall chairs that were shown in their ad –

Their website is refreshing – furniture pieces are easily on display with full details, including dimensions and prices (which seem pretty reasonable)  –

Cowboy Round Ottoman $1,299

Napa Entertainment Unit $2,999

Modesto Chairs $699 ea

Modesto Chairs, $699 each

The other thing I noticed?  Tights-

Tights everywhere –

I got into the last tight craze, about 15 years ago  – my favorite pair was a thin plaid pattern ,  black, red, green, gold,  that I always pulled out during the holiday season.   I might still have them, but I’m pretty certain if I try them on the crotch will fall around my  knees (even though I know I haven’t shrunk a foot). How does that happen?      I searched on ‘plaid holiday tights’  and here they are in blue-


Mad for Plaid,  this looks fun  (except the hair) –


Hue has a great selection of tights.  Aren’t these bizarre?

Urban Outfitters has a large selection as well.  Again, a widely diverse selection-

I can’t see myself  wearing either of those, but seriously, I think I’m pulling out my holiday plaids again.  If they feel too small I’ll just let my kids play tug of war with them!


3 responses to “Tall Chairs And Tights? A Holiday Delight…

  1. I am trying miserable to pull off the tights thing… it’s just not happenin’!!!

  2. How about I learn to spell “miserably”…. sorry for the typo.

  3. The tights thing will never make my legs slim…never mind stop them from being bossy – I have bossy legs….sigh

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