Thanksgiving Eve – Turkey Art And A Purple Toe…

Julia had an urge to paint…. I wonder if I looked this way when I was young?

Her creation HAD to include glitter.   I think some of the wood samples I mailed out today had a shimmer of glitter-

Jules decides to take a rest next to Sebastian-

His brother, Bruno, has his eye on me… and always has something to say!

The kids helped me set the dining room table for tomorrow’s feast.  We decided to put the folded napkins in the glasses, instead of napkin rings.   Julia commented that the napkin fan looked like a turkey, and went off to create ‘turkey bodies’  out of construction paper.  Aren’t these a hoot?

It will be turkeys galore tomorrow.  We are creating turkeys out of cookies, caramels and chocolates to decorate the plates.   My parents  arrived this afternoon.  Mom already baked out two apple pies – my house smells wonderful!   She will be the cook- I will just take orders.   Last night,  mom got nailed by one of the frozen turkeys that rolled, like  a bowling ball, out of her fridge –

Yikes!   I hope your pre-Thanksgiving planning went smooth!


One response to “Thanksgiving Eve – Turkey Art And A Purple Toe…

  1. If I’m missing all of this family action, does that really mean I’ve “lost perspective”???

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