Happy Thanksgiving To All!

Happy Thanksgiving!

My day is winding down.   I am lounging  by the fire in a recliner, blanket on my lap,  laptop on the blanket – and snuggled next to me  is Bruno and Sebastian –

We started early.  I woke to start the coffee. Mom got her notes out and the day began.  This is a play by play for my sister,  who’s still stuck in Shanghai and couldn’t be here in body, but WAS with us in spirit –

Mom makes the BEST stuffing-

brown the onions

add the liver (yuk)


Mom says this is how it should look –

in goes the bread and the egg, the salt and the pepper-

and the secret ingredient – Bells Seasoning.  I made mom purge her boxes – she had FOUR, in various open states!    She tossed the three oldest –

Mom reminds me that when we use these on the bird, we need to take the rubber tips off.  (Seriously,  I think I’d have left them on LOL) –

Time to stuff the birds-

and to the left we have the Turkey Treat station –

End result-

On this Day of Thanksgiving, may God rest your heart and mind, may He bless and keep you and your family, and may He continue to extend His blessings upon our great nation, guiding us one and all by His Word. May He grant us patience and perseverance in the unexpected turns and tests of our age. May He impress upon us the spirit of our forefathers, their soul-deep craving for freedom, expressed with courage and wisdom, as we meet the particular challenges of our days.

And let us always approach our Heavenly Father with true thankfulness not just today, but every day not only in our triumphs, but also in our trials by acknowledging our utter dependence on Him to supply our wants and needs, for in Him we live and move and have our being. Even self-reliance is, at its root, reliance on Him.



2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving To All!

  1. Oh Patty….everything looks sooo yummy! Hope you and your family had a wonderful and blessed day!

  2. Hey, I have that recipe written down from a longggg time ago.. In fact, I think Mom refers to the copy I typed up and gave back to her.

    Sure beats the gross oyster stuffing we had in our imported turkey. Even “stove top” would have been better than oyster stuffing.

    Sigh.. missing this wonderful traditional meal, ‘yea, if that’s what losing perspective means.. I guess I’ve LOST IT!! Send me home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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