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Ash Showroom Offers Christmas Holiday Installation

Ash Furniture and Showroom,  in Bloomfield Hills,  is offering Christmas and holiday installations again this year.  Let them decorate your home for the holidays.  Matthew Finan explains,

“With everything going on during this time of year, sometimes it’s nice to eliminate something off your list–and this is a big thing to check off. Save time and money and have your home professionally done this holiday season.  And of course, we can always incorporate your holiday decorations.”

They will install fully decorated trees as well as decorate mantels and banisters-

You can see more of their installations here:  http://www.ashshowroom.com/gallery/Christmas

Call Ash Showroom for details   248 858 7010.


The Country Dreamer Gets Caromal Coloured…

Bob and Joanna own The Country Dreamer, Hand Built Reproduction Furniture, Country Accessories & Antiques, about an hour east of  New York City.   They offer a popular collection of styles  –  Modern Country, Shabby Chic, Cottage, Country French, Eclectic and are most passionate about recreating Primitive and Early American Furniture.

Joanna explains,

I can get excited from talking about a scent of a simple candle to discussing a wonderful piece of furniture. I am thrilled when a customer says “we just bought a summer house, can you help me decorate it” or “we just built an extension, what would you do”  or ”I have a blank wall that needs something, what do you suggest”. One time a customer asked Bob to build a wonderful Stepback Cupboard and then asked if I would bring over a bunch of accessories to fill it. It is flattering to have someone walk into my home and hear them say “it feels as if I just stepped back in time,  I would love this, can I get this same look”?   I love filling other people’s homes with things I love and sometimes really no longer have room for. There are times, no matter what I move around, a new piece of furniture just won’t fit, but if I can’t have it, then someone else who will appreciate it should. It is truly rewarding knowing a customer is happy with what they’ve purchased or what we’ve done.

Bob also builds custom furniture. He contacted me because he is really enjoying the Caromal Colour Textured Basecoat Paints and wanted to be able to offer his customers an authentic color chart – not just images on a computer screen.  I set Bob up with a full set of wood trim color samples, as well as some of the Barnworn finish samples.   When you can’t find the right size piece that you are looking for or you see a true antique or something in a magazine, book or in someone’s home that is not for sale, as one customer puts it, Bob will do his “MAGIC”.    And each piece will be uniquely created – no two ever alike, each with its own distinct changes and character .

Bob recently created, and sold, this  1800 New England Plantation Desk, that he finished using some of the Caromal Colour Peppercorn –

and a few more-

I love that!

If you are interested in what Bob and Joanna have to offer, please visit their website,  The Country Dreamer –  there you will find more information, photos, and even Featured Items, Antiques for Sale and Current Items  for Sale.  Like this-

A newly painted mustard over red hanging cupboard with two drawers made from antique barn wood. 18 ½ “wide, 22 “ high and 6 ½ “ deep. Can be hung or even placed on table, counter or shelf. A real nice look and adds to a vignette. $85 #S023