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Cleaning House For 2010 – Pictures Of Walls And Things…

Is this a nesting instinct – knowing a New Year is right around the corner, trying to get things in order?   I won’t even THINK about the pile of paperwork looming in the background.  No, instead I am sorting through all the photos I have stored on my laptop.  Many with no rhyme or reason.

Maybe that can be another New Year’s Resolution – at the time I copy that photo into my picture files, to actually PLACE it somewhere –  like in a folder that explains its purpose –  something that helps me remember just what it was I was thinking at the time I saved it?

Like this photo –

Better Homes and Gardens

I’m thinking I probably save it because it was an example of two different cabinet finishes in one kitchen,  but looking at the photo more closely I find it’s not a favorite of mine.  Maybe its the camera angle, but the island looks odd to me – it reminds me of a really big night stand.  And might as well add that I don’t like that light fixture…

Loved these, worked by designer Sabina Vavra

and a recent Habersham kitchen – whats your feeling on this?

Habersham Home

Habersham Home Berskshire

What a cool play area in a girl’s nursery seen at Decorpad-


More from Decorpad

Metallic Damask Wall Panels

Never would have thought to hang art over the trim this way, but I like it –

Love that piece of art work – so simple,  like worn color –


LO ve   these prints-

Dark, luxurious walls adding drama to this entry.   If papered, what a waste- easily accomplished using paint, an allover stencil and glaze –

I’m sure I saved this one because of the wall pattern –

Wish I had a brick wall in my bedroom… raw, strong, masculine…. hmmmm… romantic –

Closeup of a Caromal Colour distressed fireplace –

Keith Scott Morton, Country Living

This breathtaking ceiling,  hand created by Michael Boudreault,  of Michael Boudreault Decorative Painting and Murals

Can you imagine having a room like this as a little girl?  Beautiful work –

Michael Boudreault

Liked the cabinet color in this kitchen –

Better Homes and Gardens

Saved this because of that armoire  – jazzing up the panels –  gives so many more ways to finish off  a piece of furniture-

Home Interior Warehouse

Yummy-licious RED chair-

Home Interior Warehouse

The queen’s sitting room at Buckingham  –


Wow, go from that to this?  Crazy mix of photos, I warned you.   I am not sure why I saved this photo?  Because it had colored cabinets?   Upon closer inspection (wishing the photo was bigger) it looks to be a craft room combo laundry room.  If so?  I WANT IT!!!!!!!

Home & Country

I had plans this year  to learn about antiquing mirrors – I have everything I need, just ran out of time.   Another addition to my 2010 list….

A wall of antiqued mirror panels –

Fresh Palette Blogspot

Another –  I would love this in my home-

Bunny Williams, Cote de Texas

Interesting – all over pattern , but over sink area it changes.  I like it!

Shauna Gallagher, designer Cathy Bowen.

Never seen a kitchen island/table/seating combo like this before –

Armstrong Kitchen

this is different too (love that wall color) –

Caroline Scheeler's Home, Jayson Home & Garden

and this wall color-

Freshpalette Blogspot

Checkerboard floor-

Southern Living

Interesting ceiling-

HabituallyChic Blogspot

More  L O V E –

photo credit Ellen Silverman

This year I was turned onto the concept of using old doors in different ways –


I am intrigued-

Southern Accents

Guess what?  That cleans up my loose photos.  I can now start 2010 with a clean slate.  Thanks for keeping me company!


A Powder Room, Charred and Blackened…

Start with a Powder Room that has tan colored walls –


WALLS –  Lusterstone Charred Gold and Lusterstone Brown Suede

  • Start with like color basecoat on walls (in this case the client painted the walls caramel/tan)
  • Double load trowel with both colors of plaster,  70% Charred Gold and 30% Brown Suede,  take to wall and smoosh/drag/pull etc to blend it on wall, then do a final sweep of trowel to even out for a smooth finish.   You want 100% coverage,  and not texture.
  • When dry, whiz roll on a black glaze (pretty translucent, say 10% tint).  Roll glaze on, about 80% coverage then stipple it out to the other 20%.  Chip a little glaze back in if you need more depth.


  • The ceiling was painted black (I like Aquabond as it covers in one pass) then used Kathy Carroll’s Bella Cera Flat Wax and added Sepp Leaf Mica Powder –  one mix was Nu Antique Bronze (similiar to Brown Suede) and the other mix was Sunset Gold (simliar to Charred Gold) and cellulose sponged those on, chipping out the wax here/there.
  • Over that I whizzed on a quick layer of black glaze, softening with a dry rag.

Rochester Main Street In Big Bright Lights

This was one thing we enjoyed this holiday season –  The Big Bright Light Show in Rochester, Michigan –

Main street  is a stones throw from where we live, and offers some nice shopping and places to meet and eat.   December of 2006 was their first light show – the city came up with  this great idea to draw shoppers to their main street – make it a “must-visit holiday destination”.    In ’06 they started with 500,000 LED lights.   They had more than a million visitors during the 35 days of the show.  Stores showed a 29% increase in business.  Brilliant!  In 2007 they expanded to  1,000,000 LED lights, and it just keeps  growing….

I had my camera, one of the nights we drove through-

It’s pretty cool to see up close and personal.  Thanks, Rochester, for lighting up our holidays!

Soft, Subtle, Ceiling Glaze.

Here I sit, still in jammies… it is after noon!  I feel yukky – major head cold looming over me.  This, then,  is a good day to catch up on posting.

This summer I plastered a kitchen and glazed the ceiling of an old tudor style home.  I took photos in process but none on the last finishing day – it was one of those days where you finish up later than you thought?  And its past dinner time?  And you feel like the clients can’t wait for you to be out of their hair?

The walls, close up –

and the ceiling –

Client called me several months later – they had a water leak and it damaged part of the ceiling.   (Nooooo!)   Good thing was,  it was on a lower section, not the big main area. (Yayyyyyyy!)  This was the photo after I re-did the ceiling -its the area with the four recessed lights.  No closeups, but still,  from these pictures you can see that the glazed finish is very light and subtle –

GLAZING?   I used to hate glazing – hated the pressure to move faster than lightening to prevent lap lines…    These next photos?  All glaze jobs with great results, but I had to work much harder on those surfaces.  Why?  A higher concentration of color mixed into the glaze –

This last year I found myself actually suggesting glaze finishes, for particular spaces  -but ones that used very little color strength.   The result is just a wash of color –  a lovely, soft, backdrop for walls and ceilings.  Most often I use Faux Effects Aquacreme as my glaze medium, and then I add my tint color/s.    For this subtle, easy glazing,  I add 5-10% color to my glaze mix, depending on the tint color.    It’s nice to start with a  lighter neutral paint color (eggshell or satin),  then I whiz on my glaze color/s and bust out with a stippler brush (For more specifics, check out  Glazing Tips I posted this past summer)-

For this recent ceiling  re-do,  I actually used a pre-mixed glaze by Caromal Colours,  the Tea Stain color.   This glaze is really subtle, it reminds me of a 10% tint consistancy – 

I whiz’d it onto the ceiling, about 80% coverage (working about 2-3 ft sections) and then used the stippler brushes to bust that color up and move it out into the dry areas.  It stays wet, so there are no blending issues with edges –

There really is a place for Glaze Finishes in your portfolio.  They tend to be an affordable option for a client, and if you can get your application technique down, you can kick out a finish pretty quick.  Ends up being a nice money maker!  Just remember, if you take it to the ceiling, and want it to be quick and easy, go lightly with the tints.