A Caromal Colour Oak Kitchen Makeover – Northern Michigan

Karen, owner of Karen Billman Designs, in Gaylord, Michigan,  offers Decorative Paint Finishes and Interior Design services.

How small of a world is this?  When I was a kid (we lived south of Detroit – you can see it on the map) , my parents had vacation property in Vanderbilt, Michigan-

To me, it was in the middle of nowhere –  exit 290 off I-75.  Exit 282 was Gaylord (8 miles south of Vanderbilt)   Gaylord was a REAL town  (this photo looks ancient)   –

it had the coolest grocery store, Glen’s Market – that had a conveyor belt that  moved your grocery order out to the curb, where you’d pull up and they would load for you!

So now, fast forward, thirty years, I’m a Decorative Painter,   and a Decorative Painter/Designer from GAYLORD contacts me?  Small world!    Karen and I spoke a number of times on the phone, about Caromal Colours.   Several months ago, she decided to drive down to my studio to attend a Caromal Colours workshop.    She went home, met with a client, and accomplished this, using Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat Peppercorn –


Refinishing this clients dated oak kitchen-

Before distressing, already looking updated like an updated kitchen –

New granite and backsplash –

A couple months later Karen contacted me and asked,

“How do I  become an Independant Representative for Caromal Colours?

She knew that Caromal Colours would interest her neck of the woods.   Last  month, Karen drove down, and spent the day in training.      Karen is now able to spread the word and the training –   Calling All Ye Caromal Colours Interested Clients If you are in the Northern Michigan area, and are interested in learning/seeing/touching/feeling Caromal Colours,     then please look no further – give Karen Billman a call!   989-732-9439  or email karenbillman@yahoo.com

2 responses to “A Caromal Colour Oak Kitchen Makeover – Northern Michigan

  1. Hey,
    Catching up with your blog…….see that place called the “sugar bowl”? Thom’s mother was connected to those people when she came to the U.S. from Greece in the 30’s. Thom’s sister Georgia’s godparents owned it. Guess it’s still in their family. The godparents, I mean. Small world indeed. 🙂

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