I Love Smiling, Smiling’s My Favorite!

Wow, December is flying by.   I wish I was organized enough to create posts ahead of time…  I haven’t abandoned my blog, I’m just finding it impossible to find extra minutes in the day to get it done.   Three clients in two weeks is a new record for me.  Actually, four, if you want to count an Independant Rep that I will be training tomorrow for Caromal Colours. I have so many people and places and things to share with you, I can’t wait, but please, bare with me a few more days!

The newest pictures of my kidlets, SMILING  🙂 –

I’m digging these new backgrounds that they are now offering. Like the mix of colors here – an old, distressed painted wall –

Cool backdrop – looks like one of my finishes! –

I LOVE my kids!

I can’t believe how they are growing up before my eyes.   You know, my blog is too….  at the end of this month my blog will be 1 year old!

Have a great day,  spread some Christmas Cheer!




3 responses to “I Love Smiling, Smiling’s My Favorite!

  1. Oh Patty….your kids are growing up too fast! I too love the backgrounds in the pics! You are one busy woman!

    • Hello my friend! I miss our phone calls – tried calling you yesterday to ask you a glazinq question but you didn’t answer… I hear you, I can’t believe myself how full my work schedule is – I am very blessed to say the least…

      Sigh….. the kids growing…. Nick is ready to pass me in height – we are about even right now. Why don’t I think I’m going to like that?

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