December In A Flash…Catching Moments

Season’s Greetings!

I’m disappointed in myself for falling short on the posting front this month.   I am realizing there are times when I can not juggle it all…   Sigh.

I’ve decided to share my December with you, instead,  in a ‘flash’  (think camera SD card)  – 27 days of December!  The one thing blogging has caused me to do, is grab for my camera so I can *catch* that moment in time.  It is so much easier to look back on a series of photos, and remember exactly what was going on.   So even though sometimes it’s a hindrance, I am thankful for it.

So, without further ado-

A  job I’m way overdo on submitting the proposal on –

At the Junior High, watching Nick  play Detective Humpty Dumpty in a Drama play-

Goofy costume but fun play to watch –

A Vella Plaster Master Bath that I completed (will post more about it later) –

My client’s themed Christmas Tree –

Neighbors, spreading Christmas Cheer, invite neighbors (us!) for Sunday morning brunch (thank you Pam and Dom!)  –

Yummy quiches – I need to learn how to make these –

Admiring her holiday decor – Hudsons/Marshall Fields/Macy’s bears on display-

Nick, enjoying his next door neighbor-

A closeup of me on my Smores Ornaments Tree-

Another December client – re-doing a glazed ceiling for a client that unfortunately had water damage –

Bruno,  finds a Christmas cat toy in the mix-

Bruno and Sebastian chillin out….

Love my Ocicats but they are NOT lap cats –

A drive down Main Street in Rochester, Michigan, enjoying the light show –

Last job of December (will post more later) –

Julia and her pal making sugar cookies-

Everything stuck to the rolling pin –  ended up re-balling it up and forming it into one big cookie on the tray –

They tasted horrible, but the girls had fun decorating them –

Thats what it’s all about –

And then a few  from our Christmas day-

Morning of-

Nice bedhead I’m sporting-

Yes, you heard me,  ONE spray is enough –

Karaoke in action-

(Wonder what was so funny?)

No, that’s NOT what those are for –

And my favorite,  my family at the end of the night – I am holding the phone – my sister Diane in Shanghai, China was on the phone – we put her on speaker and told her to smile!

I look at that photo and I realize how blessed I am to still have my whole family present (even if one was across the globe).   As crazy as the start of this month was, it lead up to a very lovely Christmas.

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas,   God Bless Us All!


2 responses to “December In A Flash…Catching Moments

  1. You are so cute and look at you in that green sweater!!!!! You look amazing!!!!!!!!
    How do you do that soft ceiling glaze???
    And I love your green and gold Christmas trees! That is my dining room this season too!

  2. You’re so kind Jenny 🙂 Merry Kissmoose…. I got that sweater for Christmas – picked it out myself lol.

    That ceiling glaze was the Caromal Colours Tea color, if you can believe, and then I cut it with a little more aquacreme – whizzed it out about 75%, then used stippler and busted it out into the dry areas…. no lap lines. I’ll post better photos….

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