A Powder Room, Charred and Blackened…

Start with a Powder Room that has tan colored walls –


WALLS –  Lusterstone Charred Gold and Lusterstone Brown Suede

  • Start with like color basecoat on walls (in this case the client painted the walls caramel/tan)
  • Double load trowel with both colors of plaster,  70% Charred Gold and 30% Brown Suede,  take to wall and smoosh/drag/pull etc to blend it on wall, then do a final sweep of trowel to even out for a smooth finish.   You want 100% coverage,  and not texture.
  • When dry, whiz roll on a black glaze (pretty translucent, say 10% tint).  Roll glaze on, about 80% coverage then stipple it out to the other 20%.  Chip a little glaze back in if you need more depth.


  • The ceiling was painted black (I like Aquabond as it covers in one pass) then used Kathy Carroll’s Bella Cera Flat Wax and added Sepp Leaf Mica Powder –  one mix was Nu Antique Bronze (similiar to Brown Suede) and the other mix was Sunset Gold (simliar to Charred Gold) and cellulose sponged those on, chipping out the wax here/there.
  • Over that I whizzed on a quick layer of black glaze, softening with a dry rag.

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