Creating A Backsplash For Choosing

Sometimes, I feel like I need to ask God for a little jumpstart  to help get my creative spirit flowing –

Sockhops and Polkadots

I love what I do , staring at a blank canvas and turning it into something fabulously perfect for my clients.  But, sometimes it’s hard to feel that creativity.  Coming off a lovely holiday break, filled with family, sleep, and  time spent AWAY from the wall –   to suddenly turn it all back on?  It draws nothing.    Not good,  I need to be feeling like this –

not this –

When the mind fogs and I’m just not feeling it, I know I need to start moving.   Just do – the rest usually comes –

I need to find the pefect backsplash finish for a client’s lower level kitchen/bar area-

The walls will be troweled  in a Shimmersuede Buttercream with an Rs Glaze troweled over top. I want to give options for a jazzier backsplash,  rather than just doing everything the same.  The counter is a dark( black or ubatuba) granite-

I opened my portfolio, flipped through it,  and pulled out several ideas –  a starting point.  Next, I pulled the recipe cards to see just how I created those finishes –

Usually by this time, I feel the groove coming on. My mind races and wraps itself around an idea –  this texture first, but change this color to that… and then off I go, grabbing products off the shelves so I can begin.

And it goes like this-

Starting with an off white board,  I first troweled Mustard Seed Lusterstone , then, wet into wet, I troweled Charred Olive Lusterstone. I took some cardboard and dragged it in the finish, took my trowel and played around dragging and smooshing –  and voila-

Oooh! Isn’t that yummy ugly?  🙂    When that dried, I troweled on RS Wax mixed with gold mica powder –

I will admit I have a secret crush on RS Wax but will NEVER do it on a surface larger than this backsplash… and I’m even second guessing this small space.. Why?   Basically,  when the wax dries you have to buff it until it goes clear, and then all that remains is the colorant that you added to it.   What a pain.    I think its a car buffer tool I need to get, if I want to make it easier on myself – if they pick one of these wax finishes I just might track one down!    After I buffed, I troweled on more RS Wax, this time tinted with a plum/antique mahogany.  When that dried I buffed.   * HeaVy  S iGH *

Even uglier, but intriguing don’t you think?    Over that I troweled more RS Wax, this time tinted with black.  Same deal,  grrrr/buff –

Diggity dog, that’s why I have a crush.  Propped on our backsplash –

next to what will be the wall finish –

Many options…. we could make it less fossily. More fossily.  Darker. Lighter.  More movement… less….  Either way?   I love it.

Heres another one.  Off white board to start.   Venetian Plaster tinted black, sponged on and smooshed around, then lightly knocked down –

I split this board in 1/2.  On this half, I randomly chipped on size, then applied various metallic foils –  Bronze, Hologram Gold, slight hint of Red, and Pewter.  Over that I troweled on a layer of gold Wall Leaf,  which instantly ate the bling effects that the foils were giving off.   Bummer.  Over that I rubbed Ebony Stain and Seal

The other half,   I mixed Wall Leaf Pearl and Wall Leaf Gold and added some Earth Brown tint, and troweled it over the black pitted plaster –

Over that I chipped on, just here and there, some Size.  When that set, I transferred the Metallic Foil Pewter.   Then I troweled on RS Wax with Mica Gold .  Buffed.  Then Rs Wax with black. Buffed –

That one would need tweeking, if they like it.  Its my least fav.    The last new creation, was assuming I’d trowel the backsplash with the Shimmersuede Buttercream (what’s going on the walls).  Over that I could use an allover stencil to give it some added interest.  Here I used Shimmersuede Eggnog (didn’t have the Buttercream open),  applied Size through the stencil, and then transferred various Metallic Foils –

and here, I used Shimmersuede Olive Branch, troweled one layer, then Sized the stencil, then Metallic Foils, then a troweled layer of RS Wax Black –

It’s a good start, don’t you think?  I think from these, and a few others, we’ll be able to nail down that just-right finish.

Thank you, God for everything …
The big things and the small,
For “every good gift comes from God,”
The Giver of them all.

Helen Steiner Rice


4 responses to “Creating A Backsplash For Choosing

  1. Wow…that first one is amazing!!!!!! The fossily one! Will you come do my house?????????

  2. Yummification. That’s the only name for that fossil finish. Seriously, Patty. (…and hey, we share the same RS Wax sentiments…!) 🙂

  3. Good to hear I’m not just being a whimp … they chose that finish for the backsplash -its going to be really cool when its done, and Im sure I’ll be on here complaining about the scrubbing of the wax!

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