You Know It’s Sunday, I Am Blessed With Child

Thank you God!!!!!!

Fourteen years ago, today, You blessed us with a beautiful baby boy-

Getting pregnant with my first wasn’t easy.  Nope.  I was on Chlomid when I got pregnant, so I felt like I’d won the lottery…

Digging through the photo books brought back so many memories.  I had to laugh at this one –  what is up with that hair?????!!!

My gosh,  first house… first attempts at gardening, and creative painting, and being a mom…. our first pool (lol) –

The realization of how quickly your babies grow up –

and how darn ‘eat-em-up-cute’ they are in those early years…

Will he be artistic, like me, when he grows up?

I see this picture and I see how amazing God is –

What?  Six already?

Lets see…. EIGHT fingers….  and the Spongebob cake I made –

Wow…. a decade has gone by…. he is not a baby anymore…

Realizing who he is…..

At fourteen, they are more excited about the cake!  (Jules decorated it for him) –

He told me this morning,  “Mom, this is the year I grow taller than you!”   He’s right…….

Singing right along to his Happy Birthday song….   at fourteen, they’ve found a sense of humor!

So, on this day I am extra thankful – kids are such a blessing….      Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

Henry David Thoreau


2 responses to “You Know It’s Sunday, I Am Blessed With Child

  1. Ok, this post made me CRY!! My baby is turning 2 in just a few weeks, and like you I had to take Clomid to conceive him. He’s such a blessing in my life, and I’m just blown away by how fast the time is flying by.


    Happy Birthday to your little one! 🙂

  2. Hi Beth,

    Well Happy Birthday to your blessing as well! And that, truly, is what they are – even more so, it seems, when it’s a struggle.

    And, sigh, I will have to add , like I’m sure you’ll hear a million times – ENJOY them because the time will fly by…… xoxox patty

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