What Is My Number One Caromal Colour Tip?

Awhile back I saved this comment question/answer –  I thought it would make an informative post.  Peggy writes –

Hi Patty!

I just ordered Caromal Colours to refinish my (very) tired bathroom vanity and mirror.  I used the PattyH coupon code and received $2 off shipping so thank you very much!  I’m a little nervous about this project but if it turns out as great as those shown on your site, I just may go for it in my kitchen as well!  I’ve been watching youtube videos and looking at different projects…I have to ask, is it really as easy as it looks? Also, what would be your #1 tip for making Caromal Colours look as beautiful as you make it look? Thanks so much!

So, I replied –

Hi Peggy, thanks so much for using my code – what does your present tired vanity look like? If you have a camera, make sure to take before and afters –  Thats a great idea, to start on a smaller cabinet. I think what you will find is that your kitchen will be doable, it will just be a matter of making more time.   I think its as easy as it looks – if I ever find something that I don’t like – like if there were too many marks (brush or blops) I just sand more, if I sand too much then I just take the product out and paint over that spot.

What would be my #1 tip? Well I have more than one 🙂  –

-DONT sweat it until its done! Notice what everyone is saying – ‘It didn’t look good… I was scared…’ and then after they lightly sanded and toned? It was wonderful.

-If you are going over a raw/unfinished surface, one coat of textured basecoat will be sufficient, but old pre-finished cabinets/furniture won’t cover as easily in just one coat.  Plan on applying 2 layers of basecoat for coverage.

-Work right out of the jar, you waste less product.  The consistancy should be like …. yogurt maybe?  Or like whippy marshmallow?  If its too thick (like new peanut butter) add about a tsp of water to the jar, adding it into the first 2-3 inches.  I only mix the top portion of the jar that I will be using. Then if it starts to get thicker and slower moving, then I’ll add more water at that point. But don’t add so much water that the basecoat is dripping off your brush – that’s not good.

-If your product doesn’t seem to be gliding nice and easy, or if you seem to be over fiddling with it and it starts to get tacky on your surface, dip the tips of  your brush into a little water, and then continue moving it around – you will find that little bit of water makes it flow again.

-Keep LOTS of rags on hand when applying the Toner – and make sure to switch out to a clean one so you aren’t re-applying Toner from the used rag.


Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.




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