Unique Tulle Bathroom Ceiling – Update.

I posted about this Jack and Jill bathroom ceiling treatment last November (Unique Bathroom Ceiling, Dressed Up Pretty)

Someone inquired as to HOW it was installed.  I didn’t pay attention, and couldn’t tell from the photos.   A couple weeks ago I was back at this client’s so I asked her if I could take a few additional photos so I could share with inquiring minds –

just how this tulle treatment was installed –

Tacks.  White tacks –

See it now?

I think the floating embellishments make it –

Michaels has these-

In case you’re wondering how durable it might be,  everything was securely in place.  I think as long as you don’t push those tacks in and wiggle them (where it stretches the hole) they will hold this light weight tulle up until you decide to take it down.

And a quick google search on other ways to use TULLE-


Cute high chair skirt – (my babes would have trashed!)


How romantic, these lovely handmade tulle hangers-

Andrea Singarella and One Hundred Wishes

Of course, tulle weddings –

Wanda Shorton

Fun lampshades-

Wanda Shorton

Wanda Shorton

Decorating girls rooms –

Chatting at the Sky

Chatting At The Sky

I like to use it on my front stairway when I decorate for the holidays. It lays next to the woodwork (the white lights on white cord are tucked inside) and provides a cushion so the pine bows don’t leave scratches –

Any other ideas?


8 responses to “Unique Tulle Bathroom Ceiling – Update.

  1. I love this all!!!!!!! How pretty and creative!

  2. Visit http://www.tulle.net for all things, made from Tulle and Net. Enjoy.

  3. I don’t know exactly where you live, but out here in the west that tule would turn into a dust collecter and all the pretty folds would have dust bunnies gracing them! Still, it’s pretty…

  4. Well, out here in the west – unless, of course, you have a maid – dusting is a daily household hazzard. Why I have dustbunnies almost as big as a dog, but much more mild mannered! AND, I hate to do anything on the ceiling (fear of heights)

  5. Avery had the tulle highchair skirt and whole crown and bid get-up for her 1st birthday, I am suprised you didn’t remember!!!

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