Chasing Cabinet Doors…

When I got involved with Caromal Colours I developed a need for spare cabinet doors that I could demo on.    Any kind would do – oak, maple, white, laminate, previously painted…  At first I got lucky and a couple cabinet shops gave me their discards to play on.  As the year progressed I kept my eye out for old furniture/cabinets kicked out to the curb.  I stopped a couple times but found it too much a hassle.  I didn’t want to haul big stuff home, all I wanted was the doors – but that meant I had to sit at the curb with a screwdriver,  or hammer to beat the doors off.

Then, last November, Jennifer from The Magic Brush turned me on to a new place to shop for cabinet doors – the  Habitat for Humanity‘s ReStore.   I had never heard of it, and once I read her post I started googling to see if there was a ReStore in my area.

Sure enough, I found a local ReStore, and this past week paid them a visit –

I felt like I found a gold mine-  $30 worth of cabinet doors, most were $1.00 each, a couple were $2.00, and a few drawer fronts at .75 each.    Restocked, thanks to ReStore, and Jen!


16 responses to “Chasing Cabinet Doors…

  1. Which one did you go to…Mt Clemens or Pontiac? I just read a story on the Mt Clemens ReStore. I guess it’s huge, they just moved into bigger digs. I WANT TO GO!!

    • Shoot if I’d have known, I’d have called you! I went to the Mt. Clemens one… it is a big ol’ warehouse space – definitely room to grow in there. I tell ya, I am SO wishing I could open a cool store front in Rochester – display furniture for sale that you pick up cheap and refinish – like look at your beautiful pumpkin piece! And I could even do tops in Aurastone for some of it….. have pairs of wall art panels in all kinds of materials…… then there’d actually be ROOM to work on the stuff too 🙂 and I could hold workshops there and ……. too bad it would cost so much…… (anyone know anyone in Downtown Rochester that needs to share some rental space???)

      • ooops – what i forgot to say was they had a pretty good display of furniture there too – all relatively inexpensive, but some on the REAL bargain side… could do a lot for little on some of that …..

  2. Okay, that’s it, I’m going today! Today is an official ME DAY!

    I know, I know….we’ve talked about your “dream store” before. I can only imagine how much rent would be in Rochester, close to Main Street. I have often thought about renting space to work in and get my studio out of the house….A girl can dream, right?

  3. Talk to me, Patty!!!!!! I’m out the door to the ReStore right now!!! Tootles

  4. I went to ReStore my self yesterday and got me 4 new doors for samples. APPARENTLY….. someone else is onto my idea tho cuz they were VERRRRRRY picked over. For $1 each, you cant beat it! Thanks for the shout out!

  5. I would open a store with you Patty!!!! I am going to have a store front soon in Osage Beach! Should be open by April!!!


  6. Nope, no furniture this time. I did buy some cast aluminum house numbers…$1 a piece.
    I was eyeballing a huge old dresser/console with lots of cool carved wood but it was $300. Didn’t love it THAT much. Did you see the black scrollie chandelier? Loved that. There was a cocktail table with clean lines that was only $10. I did seriously consider buying that! When you go again let me know….ReStore is better than Salvation Army Stores.

    So, do you have any ideas what the rents are in Rochester? Maybe Walnut or Pine St.

    • oh saw the Firebrick store with a sale sign in the window – omg that would be the perfect dream right there – cool store front, brick and red…. so artsy fartsy… but I see she is trying to SELL it as a 2 year biz with all the shakings… its a pottery making and art gallery combo… I did e her about if she’d still stay in biz if she could share space and rent, but dont think I’ll hear from her. i’m a lookin…..

      • Where is Firebrick…not familiar with that one. I always loved the Purple Pear on W University.It’s a green house on the north side of the street. It went out of business maybe 11/2 years ago. Last time I went by it it was still for rent.

  7. Oh, I love ReStore! It was a life saver when were redoing our first house and pulled up the carpet to find a huge hole in the wood floor. Went to ReStore and got wood flooring that matched to a T for just a few bucks! Love it!
    Thanks for your idea of painting my little boys room by the way. I love the idea and had actually thought of doing that, but…. *sigh* I had to go for the low cost option of just plain ol’ paint with no glazing. Why can’t I be rich!!
    Thanks again!

    • Oh my gosh, I couldn’t imagine pulling up carpet and finding a hole! Gads – I can see the ReStore working for that, though – I can’t believe all the stuff that was there – it was crazy!

      I’m sure the paint is great all on its own – it usually is 🙂 Glazing wouldn’t have set you back too much, but the time and efforts for you to do it, and do it so you LIKE it, can be a major drain! Have a great day

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