Short Over 40 Hair… Red? Caramel? Blond?

Always short hair… I chatted this up last summer, in my post  My New Hairdo (which by the way is one of my most read ‘searched on’ posts to date).   I liked my NEW hair –

but with it came maintenance.  I’ve never colored my whole head.  This new ‘do’  was just that –  a whole new COLOR on my head, and then some highlights that I went back to have put in.   The maintenance?    These red/caromal colors fade FAST.  I found myself fickle – when it would first get colored I would come home and feel too dark.  Then a week later I would love it.  But then a week later I didn’t like it anymore because it started to turn orange or brasslike.      Then, I found myself BACK in the chair.  Only, this time, I wasn’t a new client so I didn’ t have a half off first time client coupon.   The bill was hefty.  I realized I couldn’t afford $130 every 6 weeks.  I kept it going until Autumn.  My suntan was long gone.  I hated my hair.

Sigh….. What’s worse than hating your hair, is being so busy you don’t fit time in to ‘right’ it.  My good pal that does hair (but refuses to cut me)  updated my color and ridded the red/orangee (YAY!!!).   She threw in a few golden highlights because I felt naked without them.   And I pulled out my scissors (wrong) and started cutting my hair again.

Now here’s the deal when you have short hair-  as that layered short cut grows out, its pretty easy to ‘clean’ it up with snips here and there.    Eventually, though,  all those layers grow out – and now your short hair is way thicker than usual.  You start to look like helmet head.  Or mushroom head.  So you will TRY to cut it some more, to ‘fix’ it…..   STOP NOW!  When you reach the helmet head stage, you can NOT help yourself anymore.  Find a stylist.

Today I made time for a stylist.  My old stylist, Rady,  from several years back. She works at Aria Salon,  an exclusive Aveda Salon in Shelby Township. (I love Aveda products and never stopped using them)    I should have stayed with her.  I knew I could trust her with my jacked up mushroom helmet hair.   She re-electrified my hair – caramel and gold highlights,  and cleaned up my cut, giving it a good texturizing –

It’s longer than last summer.  Though I like the stylish short cuts,  I get bored fast.  And PULLING on your hair doesn’t make it longer… it just stays the same – short….

I know, you want to see the whole thing don’t you!

My photographer, Nick, who wanted to be in a photo so HE could be blogged 🙂    No, he is NOT taller than me (???!!!!!!) I am slouching  (?????!!!) –

So I feel like the old me… In a week it will be perfect, more hair to flip easier.  I feel almost ‘over blonded’  because I’ve been dark for awhile,  but I’ll get used to it!


8 responses to “Short Over 40 Hair… Red? Caramel? Blond?

  1. I love it. The great thing about hair is that it grows. lol So, you can do all sorts of crap to it and in time, it’ll get back to a nice polished “You”.

    And you’re so funny. I totally enjoyed this post and I can’t tell you how I needed a good laugh today. so, many many thanks.

    laurie eller

  2. Hair looks great, Patty! Your expression in the first “new” pic is priceless!

  3. You’re adorable with either hair color!!!!!!! Love the new color best tho’!

  4. Thanks for your thoughts on Craigslist. I think I may have to sell them til garage saling season. I don’t want to give them away, you know?

  5. I love the Hair cut!!!
    It looks great on you!


  6. Adorable! Love the new color and cut! 🙂

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