Getting Ready For The Glittery Gold, Silver And Copper

Tonight I’m preparing for a Simple Guilding Accessories workshop.  The workshop is 6:30pm tomorrow evening,  at West Middle School in Rochester, Michigan.

Tomorrow is Thursday…..

Have I mentioned that I started kickboxing?   Yup,  every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

I am really liking this kickboxing….. it is kicking my butt , and my butt needs to get into shape.  Summer is coming, after all.

And, I REALLY need the kickboxing because Easter season is here, and I did NOT give this up for Lent – (recent Target run)

Looks  like no kickboxing for me tomorrow.   I really need to throw that candy out…

If you live in the area and have an interest in learning how to do Simple Guilding,  and have no plans tomorrow evening, come out and join us!  We will be gilding these decorative balls –

like this-

and turning these china plates into glistening chargers-

like one of these finishes-

We’ll gild some fruit-

like this –

and change picture frames, from this –

to something like this –

Sound like fun?    Call 248-726-3165 to register.   I think the workshop may even offer complimentary Easter candy!


6 responses to “Getting Ready For The Glittery Gold, Silver And Copper

  1. Looks like so much fun. I wish I lived close enough to join the class!
    We also have the same taste in Candy!

  2. I WANT TO COME!~!!!!!!! To kickboxing and your class!!!!!

    Hey, I just ordered some of Melanie Royals new foils. Was gonna try them on my bathroom trim which is now white…. but I want it to go with my Antique Parchment/champagne mist. I love the trim piece that you have on the end (the champagne one). Is it over black or dark brown?

    • Oh Lordie, Jen, you’d LOVE that kickboxing!!!! I is the fastest hour I’ve ever experienced, you don’t even look at the clock – and its fun, we have usually 4-8 women that attend.

      The sample trim piece, are you talking right side? That is the silver leaf – not foil, though you’d get close enough look. It is over the chocolate smooth basecoat, and then Toned. It’s my fav. color.

  3. Hey…. I guess I should have ordered foil from YOU, huh? Ggggrrrrrr…. I’m so sorry.

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